Dioceses or Orders that pay student debt


I have been looking to enter the priesthood for about a year now, but have been (understandably) turned down at my local diocese and from the Dominicans due to my large debt from law school. Additionally, as a public servant, my salary is not the highest among lawyers. I am currently looking to change jobs, but certain attorney positions for which I am highly qualified I find highly ethically questionable. At any rate, my loans will be repaid by the federal government after 10 years of public service, but I will be 36 by that time. Although I understand many dioceses, including my own, would potentially take me at that point, I really would prefer entering seminary as soon as possible.

With that in mind, does anyone know of any diocese or order that would cover my student loans?


Check out: Mater Ecclesiae Fund for Vocations they might be able to help.


You may also want to call Catholic Charities and ask if they know of any Catholic foundations or grants. **Before everyone says that’s not what CC is for, there’s a large philanthropic foundation located near me ( I’m not authorized to name it, I’m sorry) and I learned about it when I was looking for funding for a special project I was installing on church property. Catholic Charities referred me to the foundation, I ran my idea past the guy with the money, and he paid 100% of what I asked for and even sent laborers!

So, it’s worth a shot. Also worth a shot to search for Catholic foundations and grants in general. Even take a look at the adverts in your church bulletin. These are often the businesses that give. You may be able to work something out with one of those businesses using your law degree.

If not, you know…we (almost) all have to repay the student loans…you’ll be 36 by the time it’s paid. How old will you be if you don’t pay it back? Note well–I’m NOT trying to be smart–I hear this all the time from my dad, just passing that “gem” on, :D. Good luck to you!


Thanks. I have checked Mater Ecclesiae already and they only cover a relatively small amount of debt and then only orders (where there is generally no chance of further paying of debt over the years). I know the Laboure society helps out with this too.

I might try checking in on foundations, thanks for the suggestion!


It frustrates me that ME gives grants to those who only have small amounts of debt that could easily work to pay it off in a relatively short amount of time. I also have a large amount of debt that despite working two jobs, living on the bare necessities will still take me 9 years to pay off, which will put me 5 years past the cut-off age for the vast majority of orthodox thriving cloistered monasteries. Unfortunately my parish isn’t large enough for substantial fundraising.


You always try raising money via gofundme.com


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