Dionysus and the Pagan Eucharist


I was involved recently in a blog discussion about abortion and the topic turned to the issue of Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth POCM)…one commentor gave a link for the aforementioned POCM website, and suggested that if people wanted to know what Christians, and more particularly Catholics have been duped into believing over the centuries, this website could illustrate how our false beliefs came to be…I went to the site, and although much of the site was in my opinion, mere conjecture and uncited speculation, the stuff about Dionysus and the Pagan Origins of the Eucharist, based on a Eucharistic “analog” they described as the “eucharist of the Orphic-Pythagorean celibates,” was something that I found interesting and worth further exploration…my search was brief and ended up rather fruitlessly, but I am wondering if anyone here knows about this possible pre-Christian eucharistic model of our Catholic Eucharist?

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"…Ultimately, all attempts to prove Catholicism “pagan” fail. Catholic doctrines are neither borrowed from the mystery religions nor introduced from pagans after the conversion of Constantine. To make a charge of paganism stick, one must be able to show more than a similarity between something in the Church and something in the non-Christian world. One must be able to demonstrate a legitimate connection between the two, showing clearly that one is a result of the other, and that there is something wrong with the non-Christian item.

In the final analysis, nobody has been able to prove these things regarding a doctrine of the Catholic faith, or even its officially authorized practices. The charge of paganism just doesn’t work.


The Eucharist is a covenant meal. To understand this concept more fully, I would advise you to explore suzerain-vassal treaties and covenants beginning around the time of Abraham or even earlier. It is a fascinating subject and the Bible is chock full of it if you know what to look for.



The origins of the Eucharist, in the sense of prefigurements, are Jewish and not pagan. They can be found in the Passover ritual, the various OT sacrificial rites, the manna from heaven, etc.



A Great cd is by Dr Brant Pitre, which is called Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist He is some notes I made, when listening to the cd!

The Jews were not waiting for an earthly king…. Only the Zealots would believe that. Read the Dead Sea Scrolls…. Many were waiting for another Melchizadek (Many spiritual blessings!). They wanted a new Exodus, as a new hope! (Promised Land!) They were to go to Jerusalem

1) Exodus hope had a deliverer in Moses. The tribes were released from Egypt (Only Jews!). They had a journey to the Promised Land. The tabernacle was in the centre. To offer sacrifice (The worship centre!).

2) New hope was in the Messiah. (The anointed one!). Both Israel and gentiles from sin and death itself. A New temple. Which would be to a new temple (There would be the new centre!) Prophets foretell a New Jerusalem. They were to save everyone to the new Promised Land (Both Gentiles and Jews!)

You can go to brantpitre.com/ May God bless you! :D


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