Disabled Need Help to Live, Not Die: Handicapped UK Baroness

Disabled Need Help to Live, Not Die: Handicapped UK Baroness


By Hilary White

LONDON, June 8, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) – While pro-assisted suicide campaigners continue to press for relaxation of Britain’s law against assisted suicide, one disabled member of the House of Lords is fighting back. Jane Campbell, Baroness Campbell of Surbiton, has urged MPs to sign on to a charter that affirms the value of the lives of disabled people and says they should receive the same protections under the law as all other citizens.

Writing in the Guardian newspaper, Campbell said, “In recent years, calls for a change to the law prohibiting assisted suicide have grown louder and more frequent. They capitalise on fear. Fear of pain, fear of loss of dignity, fear of being a burden. And, yes, fear of witnessing those fears being felt by those we know and love. The solution offered to the fear of disability and illness is final: suicide.

“We face a bleak situation if calls for assisted suicide to be lawful are renewed whilst vital services are being withdrawn or denied.”

The charter is the work of the disability rights group Not Dead Yet UK, who launched a campaign last week to counter the efforts of the euthanasia and assisted suicide lobby. The campaign comes at the same time as euthanasia campaigners have vowed to continue to pressure for legalized assisted suicide in the new government.

“We cannot allow others to speak for us – especially those who seek to offer us the choice of a premature death: it is not a choice, it is to abandon us,” wrote Campbell.

Sounds like she is saying the same thing the young girl who said the doctor forced her to go through the abortion was saying… if only someone had offered to help instead of “supporting her in her decision.”

I appreciate your posting these articles, Soutane. They show what it really means to be a Catholic. In each of these cases, people choose death (abortion, suicide) because others allow it to become an option, but by doing that, those who support death-as-an-option abdicate their own responsibility to others in need.

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