Disabled woman w/ imaginary friends


I’m a 30 y/o care home resident, so is my other ½ . I’m also a fantasy writer & reader who loves folk & blues music, which I grew up w/. Aside from the fact I’d prefer not to be disabled I don’t think about it too much. Said home is very good, one of the better ones.

I have had semi-imaginary friends all my life, & when I dropped them along w/ my creativity, I became physically ill. I say semi-imaginary, cos most [apart from one] were/are musicians, who are real, but our “contact”, [which is only when I have a problem, am in pain, feeling nobody likes me etc.,] is not.

I am fully aware of this; loved ones are too. I know it’s silly. I wrote a song for one – who I’ve loved dearly since he came into being – once; he warned me about finding right living arrangements; I wrote a story about another.

A woman who works here believes in angels, the Goddess etc., we get on really well so I get saved a lot of her angel stuff; magazines, pix, jewellery she no longer wears, etc. & she organises various MBS [mind, body, & spirit] events I can get in with my wheelchair.

It seems I’m not the only disabled person who does this, & were I not disabled I wouldn’t bother. I’ve a close family, [in distance as well as emotionally] People seem to like me & get on w/ me, so there doesn’t seem to be anything else wrong aside from my disability; :. there’s no real need for me to do this.

New Age concerns me, energy, crystals, the goddess, and all that. Be very careful. When it gets wound up, it gets into tarot, astrology, hinduism, and more. It leads us away from our faith. It has a lot of superstitions, feng shui and all that, all of which run contrary to our faith.

With most people, when we have imaginary friends, it seems to be an unexpressed need for closer relationships that one doesn’t have. Maybe you have relationships, but they may not be close enough to satisfy your emotions? I’m not really sure. That’s really curious.

It seems to be functioning to try to help you, emotionally, because you said you weren’t as happy when you were without them, though.

People with disabilities often aren’t treated as well as the others. Depending on your disability, there could even be rejection and such. Even if you aren’t rejected because of it, it’s more stressful, I’m sure.

bloozegal, do you have a question about this or are you just inviting comment?

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