Disagreement with decisions made by the Holy Father

Is it permissible to disagree with prudential (not infallible) decisions made by the Holy Father while still upholding the legitimacy of them, for example, decisions made as to which men shall be admitted to a seminary? Basically it’s ‘I disagree with the Holy Father’s reformable decision as imprudent, but I will obey his commands because he is a legitimate authority’.

That sounds a bit like a teenager telling his parents, “I think your rules suck but I will obey because I don’t want to be kicked out.”

It might be a valid position but…

Yep. That’s all it is.


It’s permissible to disagree with any disciplinary or procedural decisions or actions of the Holy Father as long as one does not do so out of pride. If you find yourself in a position of thinking you know more than the Pope and 2000 years of tradition regarding how something should be done for the universal Church, you might have the sin of pride to deal with.:slight_smile:

do you mean to say the Holy Father doesn’t check with you before he makes a statement !! :eek:

To answer your question, I do not think it is permissible. This disagreement can lead to other disagreements of heresy. It is a bad path to start.

On a side note, what do you mean that you disagree with “decisions made as to which men shall be admitted to a seminary”?

Pope’s are not perfect. They make mistakes, and some are blatantly obvious. Past Pope’s who had mistresses, fathered children, and gave away favors for money or power. Granted, Pope Francis hasn’t done any of that, but to say we have to agree with every decision the Holy Father ever makes is unrealistic. As revered as JPII was, look at the flap over kissing the Koran a number of years back.

Look at the recent appointment of Monsignor Ricca. If you had followed Vatican news over the years, the man was not living close to am exemplary life as Priest. And now, there is blowback because Pope Francis was apparently unaware of the man’s double life.


I would not say you cannot disagree with decision by the Holy Father. He will not however, err in faith and morals.

Certainly it is allowable, the ill informed pontificating of some Catholics aside.

Thank you all, I think I will do all I can to not dissent. It certainly is not something I wish to make a regular occurence.

We’re Catholics who have read a couple of articles about “prudential judgments” but we haven’t learned about obedience and humility.

Obedience and humility?

Didn’t see the original poster say anything about disobeying.

And just because he recognizes the wisdom of the Holy Father, it doesn’t mean he ought to stop having a functioning human brain. In all seriousness, no matter what you believe, there’s pretty much always someone smarter or more knowledgeable that believes the opposite. So don’t stop thinking. :slight_smile:

I didn’t see any pontificating in the responses either.


That’s not pontificating - that’s my human reaction.

And your post sounds like the little sister standing up for her teenage brother but not getting too vocal about it 'cos she doesn’t want to lose access to the TV.:stuck_out_tongue:

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