Disappointed with Medal of Honor

I hear there’s actually a Medal of Honor game that lets you play as a member of the Taliban. This is just appalling. Don’t they realize how many people died at their hands? Isn’t this like spitting on their graves?

Do you feel the same way about ‘cowboys and indians’ games, and confederate civil war re-enactors?

It’s in multiplayer mode. It’s the same as their WWII games where you can play as a Nazi in multiplayer. Someone has to play the bad guy. I don’t see the big deal.
My brother is in the Air Force and is super patriotic. He has the game and loves it.

Those people aren’t brutal terrorists and are long dead. It doesn’t bother me that much.

Well, the people responsible for the genocidal attacks on native American communities certainly were.

And the Nazis did horrible actions as well.

Also this is incorrect (about playing as the Taliban) it was a suggestion meant to just get attention. They changed it to Middle Eastern Forces with little arguement. It was a publicity stunt meant to ruffle some feathers.


Of course, many middle Eastern civilians can say the same about American soldiers. Do you know how many innocent Iraqi civilians “died at their hands”?

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