Disapproving of family


I just got back from visiting my mom. She lives with my sister (19 years old) and my brother (15 years old). My dad only lives there on the weekends. He works 4 hours away, so he rents an apartment in the city of his work during the week.

Well, I am very disappointed in how they are all living. My brother and sister were both drinking beer. When my mom threw a bbq and went out to buy some beer, she asked my brother what kind he wanted.

Then, I took my brother and sister out for ice cream and we were talking. They told me that they both smoke pot with our mom. :eek: They also said that they are growing pot in the attic, with our mother’s approval.

When I left this morning, I realized a few streets away, that my mom’s wallet was in my car. I turned around to take it back. I walked in the house and through to the back yard. (no, I didn’t knock. I’m not expected to at my mom’s house) When I got to the backyard, my mom and siblings were back there smoking a joint. :eek:

I was just so shocked to learn that this is happening. My mom was never like that when I was growing up. And it really hurt to see them smoking so quickly after I left. I felt like they couldn’t wait to get rid of me because I was cramping their style. (I know my family is always glad to see me, but I have no control over my emotions. That is just how I FELT)

I am so disappointed in them. Now, I know that they would never, ever do any of these things in front of me or my children. However, my mom likes to take my kids for a week each during the summer to visit. I don’t think I will be comfortable with this, just knowing what their lifestyle is.

I suppose I am just ranting, because I am so disappointed and appalled. :frowning:


I can understand and would be disappointed as well. I don’t know what I would do in this situation, but I would not give my children for a week to my mother who smoked a joint. That is just what I would do. It sounds like you wouldn’t feel comfortable with this either.

I am so sorry that you have seen all that. I will pray for you mother and your siblings. They need help. You mom could get in trouble for doing this especially with the minor, your brother.


Thank you for the prayers. I know my mom could get in trouble, but it doesn’t seem that she does. Apparently a lot of people in their town use marajuana. The recently retired chief of police lives a few houses down from them and “blazes up all the time.”


Do they live in Humboldt County?

I’m sorry that this is how your brother and sister are growing up. I teach kids who are in family situations like this, and I will tell you it is pretty sad. They end up having no motivation. I really wonder what will happen to them. Do you have any idea on what your dad’s take on all of this is? I’m keeping them in my prayers. You too.


:rotfl: You would probably be surprised to find out what a nice strong Catholic community there is in that area though with all the bad stuff going around in it. I’ve visited the area before and was surprised. It’s not fair that those kind of people get to keep the nice as in outdoor stuff areas of the country all to themselves. In fact it is not fair in general that the state of California, which is probably one of the prettiest states with almost every kind of topography within a few miles is so liberal and against the Church teachings.


Your brother is 15…you are kinda obligated to call CPS, I think, even if anomously.


tell your dad


I sure wouldn’t leave my kids there unsupervised. —KCT


Definitely not. Sorry, I guess I missed that part and was just shocked at what your mom is doing with your brother and sister.


this is not going to be a very popular response but if you are an adult, and you have knowledge or even reliable suspicion that minors are being given alcohol and drugs by another adult in the family, it is your duty to report this to CPS.


I know that I have a responsibility to my brother and sister to call CPS, but I think I will first talk with my dad. I don’t think any of this really started until he had to go away for work, so I do not think he is aware of what is going on. :frowning: I will talk to him this week. He is going to come over to my house for dinner and I can talk to him then. Hopefully he will be willing to work with me to help my family. If not, then I will do what I have to do. :frowning:

Oh, and they aren’t in Humbold County. They are in Northern Cali, not too far from Mt. Shasta.


That’s close enough to Humboldt. I don’t think there is much of a diffence between the counties of Mendocino, Humboldt, Trinity, Shasta, etc. Not to mention there is a city called Weed right by Mt. Shasta. Do they live there? :rotfl:


They aren’t far from Weed. They live in Redding. It’s in Shasta County. At least the scenery is beautiful…


Really??? Redding??? Redding is rather conservative for the Shasta area, from my visits. Your mother’s behavior is so, well, Valljeo- no insult intended.

Do what you have to do. Prayers go with you.


When my parents were researching where to move to, they were very pleased with Redding. They had such positive reports from the locals there. I suppose they just don’t advertise the drug culture. :frowning:

Thank you very much for the prayers and support. I know I need them during this time and I will keep you all updated as I talk with my dad this week.


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