Disaster Movies

I hardly ever watch disaster movies,
but got pulled in to watch one called “Asteroids” last night. The weird thing about it was here you had 24 hours or so til the end of the world (giant asteroids about to hit as in those that may have caused dinosaur extinction), and nobody mentioned God.
People were running in the streets, hiding in basements, evacuating cities, but there was no sign of a church, nobody prayed at any time, it was so weird. I kept watching it partly out of disbelief – it was like an alternative universe.
At the end they said: we’ve proved that the human spirit is indomitable.
So: can anyone suggest a (good) disaster movie that might be more realistic in its depiction of people’s reactions?

I also saw “Asteroids,” but found it oddly plotless. The whole thing seemed to involve nothing but a bunch of crude floating outlines getting blasted into smaller outlines by a little arrow. You’re right, though, it didn’t mention God much.

I don’t know if this would qualify as a “disaster” movie, but the film “Alive”, which is the true story of the So. American rugby team whose plain crashed in the Andes, was a beautiful and completely edifying film for a Catholic. And, IMO, a real disaster.

My expectations going into a movie like that would have been pretty low to begin with so I don’t think I would have expected anything but disappointment:)

I saw only a bit of this, but a disaster movie I saw a while ago was Going Overboard with Adam Sandler :wink:

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