Discalced Carmelites, Florida


St Joseph’s Monastery:





St Joseph Carmelite Monastery**

141 Carmelite Drive
Bunnell, FL 32110-9708
(386) 437-2910
Fax: (386) 437-5125
Email: pmgemmato@gmail.com

Carmelite Fathers
Rev. Artur Chojda, OCD
Brother Anthony Gemmato, OCD
Rev. Slawomir Podsiedlik, OCD
Rev. Joseph Zawada, OCD


Thank you for posting this follow-up link!

The original website (posted by Cloisters) was confusing at best. It says it’s a monastery but doesn’t indicate if it’s a monastery for men or women, or anyone at all for that matter. Looks more like it’s just a chapel with a beautiful garden and Stations of the Cross. :shrug:

And when I clicked on the link asking for donations to build a retreat house for guests, I seriously began to think the whole thing was a scam! :eek:

Glad to see that this is actually part of a diocese. Whew.


Yes, thanks for the follow-up post. I wasn’t sure myself as to who exactly lived there.

No, I do not post scams.

This monastery has a secular Discalced Carmelite group. Some of them are leaving the group to found a new secular institute.



I would be shocked to discover anything wrong with any of your links!

Thanks for the information on them. :smiley:


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