Discalced Carmelites South Belgium


This federation is for French-speaking Carmels of Southern Belgium:



My computer protection tells me there is a threat on one of the links on the site “Carmel Every Day”. My protection blocked access thankfully.


I am grateful for your computer’s protection system!




Mayhap you can post the South Belgium link on Phatmass, on the “Carmelites in Europe” thread?


Sorry - but feel it would be irresponsible do this after my computer blocked access with warning of threat when I clicked onto my first link on the site i.e. “Carmel Every Day”.


:doh2:. Sorry.


Nah, not your fault Cloisters. We are all human and that means also we are going to make missteps and mistakes. Deluded if we think we wont. Incidentally, I really admire you in a big way for keeping your apostolate going for all the years you have and at times in the face of quite fierce opposition. It must be an amazing amount of work. Well done! May The Lord reward you and grant your enterprise increase.:thumbsup:


Thank you for your support! I received the apostolate from Our Lady, and I answer to God, not detractors. Our Lady of Good Success discussed the cloistered life, and its necessity. Another Marian apparition said the virgins would be called to the cloister in this age. I’m quite humbled that I was called to work on behalf of “God’s Six Percent,” and help stabilize new communities the Lord has called into being in order to meet the needs of His Church and the world.


“All is Grace” (St Therese of Lisieux):slight_smile:

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