Discarding Last Year's Palms

Is this right?

I am cleaning out my fireplace, gathering all of the old palms throuhout my house, and I am planning on burning them,and then taking the ashes out to my garden and burying them.

Before I proceed, I want to make sure I’m doing this right.

Thank you.

It works almost as good as Miracle Grow.

The garden works, but if you have a special place set aside were you put any of the sacred things that you must dispose if it would be nice.

I’m sure you’ll have other sacramentals that will need to be buried over time, such as old scapulars.

:smiley: And blesses the earth to boot.

Thank you for your replies. I just didn’t want to do anything disrespectful, even if unintentionally.

I think I’ll put them in with my Bleeding Hearts of Jesus plants. Sounds fitting, does it not?

Bro. Rich - your comment reminds me of something that happened to my mother a few years ago. She was responsible for washing some of the altar linens, and the priest had accidentally spilt a large amount of the precious blood on the altar cloth. My mother took it home and washed it by hand, and then poured the water into her garden where she planted some Peace Lilies. She had had these lilies for several years, and they had never done very well. Well that summer, after being doused with the wash water from the altar cloth, they grew spectacularly well! My mother refered to that as the “mirical grow” cure for her plants.

I just got done (before reading this). I took a pair of scissors and cut up the pieces very small and spread them around the newly mulched areas of my front yard (near bushes).

I’d prefer to just bring them back to church before Ash Wednesday but the rest of the family isn’t Catholic (yet) – but my wife wants to always have the palms in the house. On top of certain pictures of family members, in our foyer where we have a quantity of Christian things (Holy Water font, pictures of saints, a cross), and on top of certain Bibles that are around the house (opened to Psalm 23).

For a non-Catholic, my wife is fairly interesting. She puts perfume next to Mary as well as next to some family portraits. I hope that this small dedication to Mary will pay off for her someday.

I can get rid of the old palms today, because I’ll get new ones tonight at Mass (I sing in the choir Saturday nights).


Must the ashes be buried? I thought that if something was burnt, they might be scattered over the flowers…
I am asking, because I have a book that I got from the “free shelf” last year, an old prayer book, & when I got it home, it had a very old scapular in it…So far, I have been unable to bring myself to dispose of it. But I am sure it was blessed; the fabric is old & yellowed with age. (I have been keeping it in a special place in my curio cabinet…)

Burnt or buried is the proper disposal for sacramentals. It’s one or the other. If they are burnt, they do not have to be buried. No, you can scatter the ashes without burying them.

Thank you! I’ll burn it, then…

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