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I need to know the appropriate way to discard palms that are given out in church on Palm Sunday. On Palm Sunday, I always bring home a palm that I assumed has been blessed and place in behind the Crucifix that I have hanging on the wall in my apartment. I will leave it there for a year and when Palm Sunday comes around again, I will get a “fresh” palm but don’t know the proper way to dispose of the old palm. It seems like it is almost a sin to just throw it in the trash, especially after it has been blessed (at least I think they are blessed).

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IIRC, they are to be burned. Someone please confirm…


[quote=stargazer257]IIRC, they are to be burned. Someone please confirm…


Some parishes collect them and burn them and use the ashes for the next Ash Wednesday. Check if your parish does this.

Otherwise, burn them and dispose of the ashes in as dignified manner as you can arange, perhaps burying them near a garden shrine or scattering them to the wind. All sacramentals (such as worn out scapulars) should be treated the same.

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