Discerners: Do you find yourself being taunted by Satan sometimes?

I don’t think that Satan likes me very much for discerning. The only times that I really feel at peace are when I am in front of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament where everything just seems “right”, like that feeling you get where you feel at home and comfortable and know what the Lord wants of you. I can hear his invitation, but sometimes doubts creep in and Satan likes to just mess everything up. I think that this is just Satan trying to throw me off course, but I won’t let him! :smiley:

Has anyone else felt like they were being “taunted” so to speak? Does it seem to get worse as you start to seriously discern?

I’m not certain exactly what experience you are referring to. Perhaps it is one I have not had myself. I’m not aware of having had any clearly discernable experience of the demonic.

I do find various temptations, including to self-doubt, an obstacle in my discernment, and in my faith life as a whole.

That’s basically to what I was alluding. :slight_smile:

Yes, I know what you are experiencing. Our natural desires, the temptations of a worldly society, etc. are things that Satan uses to make us doubt our vocation. Being in the seminary, this doesn’t go away. However, I have found it easier to deal with. By having brother seminarians and a constant spiritual director, you learn that this is normal, and you learn to accept it without giving in. Also, being in a seminary atmosphere means Jesus lives in the house with you :slight_smile: Academic formation is crucial, but nothing is as important as making time, every day, to be with Our Lord. Because, as you already see, there is no way to be at peace with yourself and your vocation, except to constantly spend time with God.

Remember, the devil hates us all, but he especially hates those who give their lives to follow Christ. He especially hates priests, religious and seminarians. So, if the devil hates you, you’re on the right track :wink: Like St. Padre Pio said: hope, pray and don’t worry. Hope this helps you a bit.

In the love of Christ and Mary,

Frank said it all, but if you need a source, St Athanasius’ “Life of Antony” (about the first Christian monk), describes this phenomenon explicitly, and it has been a major theme in monastic literature ever since.

Rely on a spiritual director, and above all, rely on Christ, and the power of Christ’s forgiveness. That is your real weapon against the tempter: not your ability to resist on your own, but your ability to draw strength from Christ, and to be forgiven when you fail.

yes I feel taunted by satan. Like worry I worry about my conversation with my VD. I worry about how well i will do in seminary I worry if I say the wrong thing or say something stupid cause i am nervous. I worry about age. I am 41 I hate my age with a passion. That is satan using that to derail me. I see people here that are 21 and or 19 here I am twice that age and jealousy comes into play. I wish I was only 21 how much more time I would have as a priest. Then I realize that satan is using my weakness to try to derail me. As far as age if I think on it. I have longevity in my family and I could be like my pastor here he is 84 and still saying Mass at 4 churches. If I look at the bright side of things I can ignore satan’s snares and look to Christ for strength. Yes I feel his taunt. I am learning to ignore it and focus on Christ.

Yes, I know that Satan is trying to take advantage of my scrupulosity to drive me away from God.

I definitely feel “taunted.” Until I actually started actively discerning, I didn’t have nearly so many doubts. The only doubt was if God is calling me or not. Now that I have decided that he is calling me (although I still don’t know what exactly he’s calling me to do) and I am researching and meeting with my vocations director, I have had SO many temptations and doubt about God’s will for me and about my faith in general.

Everyone’s already said it, but the only way to get around that is to PRAY and to frequent the Sacraments. No one can beat you, not even the devil, if God is on your side. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

This basically describes me now. The only place that I am truly at peace is in a church. I get sad when Mass is over. :frowning:

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