Discerning a Life Change - Advice Needed

I’m 37 years old and single with no children. I’m currently working at a casino and have been having increased misgivings about the morality of my employment as it relates to my faith. As the economy worsens, I see more and more desperation as people throw their life savings away in hopes of a cash windfall which rarely ever happens.

However, I’m also racked with a mountain of debt and if I were to quit my job I’d surely be facing bankruptcy. There simply isn’t many opportunities in my area for employement offering the salary I’m currently earning.

I’ve been discerning a call to the priesthood for quite sometime now. Given my realistic options, would it be better to quit this job and inevitably file bankruptcy to pursue a vocation as a priest or remain employed in a career field I have moral ambiquity about just so I can continue to make payments on debt?

I haven’t yet spoken to my priest about this, but first wanted to know what advice my Catholic brother and sisters may have. Thanks and may God Bless you.

"may mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance." Jude 1:2

Just to let you know,this is only an 18 year old youth answering this but here I go…

First,pray over these things,pray for God to give you guidance and strength during these times.

Second,get a confessor and talk over this with him. Also consider getting a spiritual director(they can be the same person) to help you discern your vocation and God’s will in your life.

Good luck with your journey.

let him make the first move. if he wants you to ruin your credit for seven years, he will work a way around it.

i understand the morality questions, but what you’re observing is needing to be told to the world. it is heartbreaking to watch people try to do that.

start a blog and without exposing anyone’s identity, tell your stories of these poor folks who seemingly don’t turn to prayer to help themselves.

there’s an italo-greek rite church there in vegas (assuming that’s where you are). try contacting them for discussing this. a friend of mine used to have a wynonna ryder haircut, and before her coworkers went to the casinos, they would rub her head (‘the buddha’).

scuttlebutt says 80 percent of the casino profits go to jersey.


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