Discerning A Life Change

Dear CAF Family,

Prayers are graciously accepted. I am currently discerning a desire to study and receive a Master’s in Theology. I am discerning if it is just a desire, or a vocation. My state in life currently is as a Wife and Mother of 2 (primary vocation) and I have 15 years experience teaching all levels of music in the public schools, where I currently am employed, (thank you Lord!). I hold a B. Music and a Masters in the Art of Teaching. I have a deep desire to study and learn more about our faith and share that with others.

Becoming a mother has reconverted me to an Orthodox Catholic life in ways I never would have imagined. After working in Public School for so long, and seeing the effects, first hand, of our current culture, and after becoming a Mother, I have a strong zeal to work towards protecting our future generations from their souls being caught up in this culture of death. I was blessed to work as a volunteer in our parish teaching RE to first grade and LOVED it. That truly was an anointed work, a true vocation! The proof being in the blessings that already Our Lord has worked through that experience not only for myself but also my family.

If this desire has been placed on my heart by Our Lord, please pray for me to have the wisdom to know how to respond, when, and to have the courage to go forward with this step and also the wisdom to know if this is just a selfish desire to further my own passion for my own sake.

Most Graciously,

Your Sister in Christ


Have you discussed any of this with your husband? If he approves, I would run the desire off and make it return. Or, tell the Lord that you’re going to live the life you’ve got right now, and if HE wants the change, HE will have to bring it about. That’s usually the best way to deal with desires that may bring about more changes than you imagined.



I was in a similar situation and started studying for my MA in theology one course at a time. I loved it so much that I went on for a second MA and a D.Min. I went from teaching kids to teaching adults and coordinating parish liturgy. You might be interested in a MA degree in Sacred Music which combines the study of theology with music but I don’t know if there are any schools in NJ that would have that. You could study theology at Seton Hall. One thing I feel strong about is to not get an online degree. I found that some of the best parts of going for my degrees was the classroom discussion. I took two online courses and I felt them lacking.

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