Discerning a vocation to the Brothers and Siisters of Charity


I am discerning a vocation to the Brothers and Sisters of Charity Domestic. There are many things about this group that draw me. I was converted to the Catholic faith in more than small part to the music of John Michael Talbot, specifically, his St Francis album "Troubadour of the Great King," I am also a daily practitioner of the Jesus Prayer, which they advocate. I am also deeply drawn to their blend of Franciscan/Carmelite/Benedictine lifestyle and the way in which their community has a form of "householder monasticism." This is very similar (in structure, though not worship) to the non-Christian community of which I was a part before becoming Catholic, and I am feeling like this is exactly where I belong.

I'm interested in hearing any feedback any of you might have on this organization, on John Michael Talbot, and on their "Little Portion" monastery.


It seems like you have done some research. Keep doing research. But if you feel drawn to them, follow it up. Talk to them. Ask them if they have any advice for discerning a vocation. Follow it. There is no need to know everything about everything. But follow where you feel led. It may not turn out in the end, but you and your spirit will learn something.

And don't look for the perfect order, because even of you find the perfect order, what makes you think they will let you join? The Brothers and Sisters of Charity is a good order. It does good works. Let us know how your search turns out.


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