Discerning a vocation?


Hello my friends,
Recently I’ve wondered about vocations and especially what my own will be; I’ve started to feel like I do have a calling, although I don’t want to be definitive on the matter. I’ve realised that prayer is of the utmost importance in helping discern a vocation, as well as taking part in Adoration and the Sacraments. I was talking to my mother about it earlier today and we were saying that I might be able to talk to the local Vocations Director just to see if I do have a calling or not. My question is, for those of you that have discerned their calling, what did it feel like? Was it just a great desire to serve the Lord and His Church? I’ve been inspired in regards to this calling by the various issues that the Church have to contend with and a great desire to be of any use to the Church in whatever way I can. Any answers would be appreciated, even if it is to say that I’m being far too premature with such things and to think on them a great deal more.

Thank you very much for reading.
God bless you. :thankyou:


I am currently discerning vocation to the priesthood as well. For me, my attraction to the priesthood comes from a desire to sacrifice all that I have for the service of Christ and His Church. I’m also discerning marriage and I see the beauty and intimacy of married love.

I would say that you’re on the right track. Prayer is incredibly important, and spending time with Jesus in Adoration will greatly help you with your discernment. My only advice would be to find a wise priest that you trust to be your spiritual director. He will help you further your prayer life and aid in the discernment process.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!

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What thing to remember about discernment, we don’t know for certain until the day of ordination/ vows (be it marriage or religious). Though if you have that desire in your heart, that enough reason to cultivate it and see were it leads.

My advice would be to mention your discernment with your priest; he could be great assistance to you.

May God bless you.


…as a child I used to dress up…

…for a few glorious minutes I would be in priestly garbs and celebrate Mass–of course this was play acting… as I matured the desire vanished… needless to say, I am not a Priest.

Emotions and desires are only part of what we experience when discerning our Vocation.

…escapism is another confusing toggle that we might encounter–I remember a young man who had joined the seminary; though I do not know exactly what happened, he left… some years later, after becoming my acquaintance he told me about his desire for the Priesthood; I had noticed his conflicting heart: he wanted to serve but he behaved more as one who was easily distracted from such demanding Vocation as the Priesthood…

The Priesthood (inclusive of the Religious) is the most wonderful Vocation with which we could Serve God; but it takes valor and fortitude and determination… “feelings” and “desires” are not the true gauge… seek Vocational assistance–we need Holy Priests! I will keep you in my prayers!

Maran atha!



…you guys don’t know how much I envy you… a jolt of silent laughter hit me when I read your intro… then tears filled my eyes as pride exploded in my chest (reading about two Priestly Vocations back to back!); my prayers are with you also!

Maran atha!



There are 3 steps in discernment, which ought to be done over and over again.

  1. Examine your life and its trajectory and possibilities.

  2. Radically open yourself to God’s will, especially in prayer. (This is the hard one.)

  3. Do something, trusting that God has guided your decision making.

Rarely can you or another “divine” your vocation in the way you seem to be implying. (Of course, if a diocese or order says no, then it has been discerned for you in that sense, since God doesn’t call us to the impossible.)

Involve yourself in your parish. Any VD will ask about that - if you are “inspired” by the issues, what have you actually done to help? And what constitutes your spiritual life? It should be pretty rigorous compared to the average pewster… Try to get to Mass every day, stay afterward to pray for at least 30 minutes if not an hour (or show up early), Pray the rosary every day. Go to confession once a month at least. Do spiritual reading (as well as some books on discerning diocesan or religious priesthood). Start doing some fasting and penances. Get a spiritual director. Do the Liturgy of the Hours, at least Morning and Evening prayer every day. Start to learn about your diocese or province. And of course, end any pressing moral issues in your life.


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