Discerning at my age


I haven't yet mastered this site, but here goes. As a younger-looking 52 y/o :), after saying "no" all my life, I have finally said "yes" to God and feel strongly called to the priesthood. Since I said, yes, The joy and freedom that has taken over my life is amazing. My immediate problem, which may be more of a problem for me compared with younger discerners, is how to tell my friends and family. I am more terrified of this than telling my pastor or the vocations director (which I have done already). Any friendly advice or support would be welcome!


Tell them openly and with conviction. Confidence in what your saying should come knowing your beliefs are true. Let them know what's on your mind, but don't push harder than they shove.


Just be up front about it with them. They will understand although they may be a little standoffish at first. God bless


Thank you Lynx (like the name, I love cats!) and JeffersonD. I started telling close friends last night. I was utterly amazed at their total understanding and acceptance. It certainly was a very humbling experience.


I had this experience when I told my family and friends that I was in the process of applying to the religious order to which I now belong; they were all quietly unsurprised and very supportive. Often the people who love us can see things about us that we don’t see ourselves, and understand our needs and goals in life before we do.

Best wishes to you in your spiritual journey.


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