Discerning FSSP priesthood

So I want to be an FSSP priest, i’m a senior in High School, I feel very drawn to the Latin Mass, but at the same time there is this voice, a peaceful voice, that I think almost convicts me that I should get married/have kids. Have any of you discerning ever experienced this? How do you deal with desires for marriage? Also, what is the daily life of an FSSP priest like?

Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance, direction, strength, fortitude & wisdom in your discernment.

Best thing is to get yourself a Spiritual Director. Make a Retreat for a long week end, send the FSSP priests a note and tell them what you told this Forum, ask them can you visit and stay a few days to discuss and see if this is where the Lord is leading you.

“Speak Lord, I come to do your Will”.

May the love of the Lord speak to your heart, either way.


As to the life of an FSSP priest, it is very much like that of a diocesan priest, except they (try to) live in community, i.e. two to four priests at a rectory, although with the high demand and being spread thin, it is sometimes only one or two priests.

If you haven’t done so, visit the seminary website.


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