Discerning God's will for my career?


Does anyone have any helpful advice about discerning what God might want me to do for my career? I am at a point now where I could go either of 2 directions. There are merits to both, but does God have a preference? I am trying to pray about it and listen daily, but still…


Hello Lily, choosing the right career path can feel like a daunting task. Sometimes we can see ourselves going either direction! If you are truly wanting to do what God wants, then you will need to spend time in prayer especially before the Blessed Sacrament. It also may help to make a list of your 2 possible careers that interest you and compare them. Ask yourself questions like
-What will the cost of pursuing this career be? Will I have job security?
-Where do I feel I would be happiest?
-Could I see myself doing this until I retire?
-Would this allow me the opportunity to care for a family (if that is what you are called to)?
-Would this give me the time I need for prayer and Mass?
-Would this enable me to become a better person, or would it compromise who God is calling me to be?
-Would it allow me to do the most good for God and His people?

I hope this helps a little :o


I recommend reading St. ignatius's rules for discerment. It helps in making good decisions.


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