Discerning God's will

Many a times we have problems in discerning God’s will for us. We try to analyze the situation in detail, to find out what is according to God’ will. Generally we come back disappointed, because, we are never sure about God’s will. We can however, follow the following general rule in discerning God’s will. Since God is love, if our acts are acts of unconditional love, they are according to God’s will. In order for them to be acts of unconditional love, they must be morally sound and must not have the slightest element of selfishness. On the other hand, if they have elements of selfishness, they are against God’s will. In order for our acts to be according to God’s will, we must think like God. This needs intimacy with God. We can do this, by prayers, scripture reading, and Eucharistic adoration and reception. Our heart is most receptive to this intimacy when it is humble, hurt and exhausted (from our own attempt at controlling our life).

That was a good speech. I have nothing to add.

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