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I am a junior in high school, and I have been discerning about the priesthood for a very long time (5+ years). As of late, things have been getting pretty rough, and so I was looking for some advice. I was wondering, for those who are in my shoes, what do you do routinely to help the discernment process (ie what prayers)? Also, I would be delighted for advice from any priests, seminarians or laity who would be willing to share it.

Additionally, I am looking for someone who is both a high school student and is discerning about the priesthood to correspond with privately. If you are interested and willing, please let me know.

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I’m a freshman in High School, and I’m discerning vocations other than marriage. I might be able to corresppbd privately. Speak to God as if He was your friend, which He is. Offer up Masses for your discernment process. It is thr most powerful prayer on Earth. Spend a Holy Hour in Adoration. Ask Mary and your Guardian Angel to pray for you. And finally, have peace and quiet for some time during the day.

As the discernment process gets more serious, get a Spiritual Advisor who is also your Confessor. If you can get one, or already have one now, that would be great.



It’s really important for those discerning a vocation to have a spiritual director. :thumbsup:


My advice is to remember that discernment is a marathon, not a sprint and the time frame is God’s not yours. It’s easy to be enthusiastic and eager about pursuing a vocation only to end up disheartened when things don’t turn out quite the way you though they would. So take it slowly - you’ve got plenty of time ahead of you - and don’t feel that you have to be, or should be anything other than who you are.



Feel free to drop me a message. I’m 16, Scottish, and discerning the Priesthood. I have one year left of High School which would possibly then lead me into seminary. I’m happy to talk with other young discerners! Pray for me!

Deus, Salus Nostra :gopray2:


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