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Playing the lottery is not sinful, but does it become sinful if the person uses the last money available , saying his guardian angel is telling him to buy a ticket and he is convinced ,that it will be fruitful…
When I make any negative comment it is considered " not having faith" in these messages of the Holy Spirit / Guardian Angel . Ultimately not having faith in God.
True faith in my opinion is that God will provide even I when not playing the lottery .
Can anyone clarify and settle this disagreement?


The ‘faith’ that you seem to be lacking isn’t necessarily “faith in the guardian angel” / “faith in the Holy Spirit” / “faith in God”, but rather, a lack of faith in your interlocutor’s assertions that he’s hearing his guardian angel / Holy Spirit tell him to buy lottery tickets with his last remaining dollars.

Even the apostle Thomas told the other apostles that he would not believe until he saw the proof with his own two eyes…



Playing the lottery is indeed not sinful! When the Office of Judas needed to be filled the Apostles cast lots (basically a game of chance).

However, claiming that one is guided by God (even through an angel reference) to “cast lots” is sinful–unless the Holy Spirit is Really involved!

Sadly, many people have convinced themselves that God/the Holy Spirit/angels are at their beg and call so anything they claim is “supported” by God. Some even make God complicit in their acts by making God the source of their actions–these are confused to such extent that they are the “man behind the curtain” who play God as they purport that it is God Himself who have Revealed “xyz” to them.

I and mom have lived this!

Mom was the most devote person I’ve known; her generosity was matched only by her trust in God; her holiness proven by her constant life of prayer and service to God–the most she ever won was a few pesos back when she was quite young.

While she lived trusting God she never aspired (nor claimed) happiness through wealth or material possessions; even when faced with illness her relief came from Trusting and Abiding in God’s Providence and Will.

As with fortune tellers (if they had such powers they would always hit the lottery and discover all of the hidden treasures in the world), if God were to supply “lottery” winnings to devote Believers, mom would have won thousands of grand prizes and would have lived free of illness and problems…

Did Jesus promised such earthly bounty?:

34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. (St. Matthew 6:25-34)

Maran atha!



Sounds like prosperity gospel nonsense. You are right to be suspicious of your friend’s claims.


This is true but your friend will be disappointed. The chances of winning are 1 in a million or worse.


The Holy Spirit is God. Guardian angels are like us, created creatures.

You are saying God and angels are telling you to spend your last cent on gambling?


Playing a legal lottery, if you have some spare money to do so, is not inherently sinful. In USA, the lottery proceeds are used by the state to support schools or assist the elderly, so I just think of it as a donation to the state for these purposes.

Spending your last dollar on a lottery ticket suggests to me that the person may have a gambling addiction problem and may want to get some help.

Making statements about a guardian angel sending you messages about the lottery is superstitious bunk and the person should be told that.


This! God never guarantees us health and material wealth. The treasure promised us is heaven.

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