Discerning Lawyer-turn-Monk


Hello friends! I request prayers as I pursue God’s will for my life. Short story is that I have been practicing law for about 12 years. Over the last several months, I have been in discernment re: religious life. I am visiting Mt. Angel Abbey in Oregon for 16 days in July. Fr. Odo Recker there has been a true blessing! Anyway, my heart tells me that this might be the one after much investigation. Thanks for your prayers!


Hope your vocation goes well. Say it would be cool if you helped represent people who can’t afford lawyers, as a religious that would be cool.

From someone discerning a vocation to the Jesuits.


Thanks! I am actually heavily involved with Legal Aid of Northwest Texas, providing pro bono services for the indigent. Prayers are with you re: the Jesuits! I actually had some conversations with Fr. Drew Kirschman of the Missouri-New Orleans province a few months ago.


Prayers for the both of you! :thumbsup:


Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance & direction in your discernment.


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