Discerning possible opposite answer to prayer(Career related)


I’m posting as I need help and perspective.

I have had a rocky career to say the least, perhaps it has been a large cross for me? I am currently employed as a contract employee and somewhat content in my role, however it may not be a long term solution and my pay has not increased despite good performance.

I have prayed constantly for more suitable employment which I would be confident in(very important) and geared to my best skills and interests.

Recently, I have been contacted with interest for two incredible opportunities(financially). My problem is they seem to be quite opposite in nature of my preferred skills and what I have been intently asking for in that perspective other than increased pay for my growing family.

I feel so conflicted that I am unhappy with these opportunities before me and that I feel in someway it could be a response to my prayer, but why do I have so little peace?

I have to make decisions on setting up interviews but not sure how into it I am.

Looking for perspective and help and prayers, please.


I have been Discerning Priesthood, and it is very difficult at times. God likes to call us to transformation, we have to be open to what he calls us to do. It can be very hard to understand His callings, but I will always say He leads you to peace. I continue to come more at peace with the decision of entering seminary soon as I spend hours in adoration and other prayers. I recommend spending more time in adoration. Also, sometimes the peace comes later, we don’t necessarily have it at first, feelings can be very misleading. I would say that you should try to somehow go through your fears, the pros and the cons, of all opportunities you are presented with, and decide which is probably the best. It might be very hard, but probably very needed.

I appreciate your feedback…

I feel like I have been tested so to speak. I have had bouts of unemployment and been unduly fired in a veryprolonged public and humiliating fashion. (persecution and gloating due to jealousy)

As a result of these difficulties in work, I am so very adverse to anything which is outside my realm of experience. The problem in these recent opportunities is that they are exactly what I have been asking they wouldn’t be. I had to turn one of them down today and it was difficult because I feel they are hard to come by even though it is so against my grain. I am still in the running for the second position, but I grasping for hope in the details and I can’t say I have found any.

Am I to believe it is my Will to make the appropriate choice I believe is right for me and perhaps with faith something which I do desire will appear OR was what was presented some prompting to deny myself?

What one of my good friends said to me was " Sometimes you just have to go for it. If you strive to follow God’s Will, He will lead you the right way."

This has helped me a lot with discernment, to say the least. Often our desires come from a deeper want, we deeply want heaven, so we have certain desires. The hard part is making sure our desires are in unison with God’s desire for us, because his desire for us is our perfected desire. So often we want something because God wants it for us.

Takes a lot of prayer and some analysis of your situation… and a good friend who knows you well is always helpful. I can’t say exactly whether or not God wants this change, but I am sure after you have given it thought and prayer that you will make the right choice.

We are all called to be saints, maybe He wants a drastic change for you so that you can better perform as one, or have the better tools to be one. Good Luck, my friend! I will keep you in prayer :slight_smile:

Why does everything with faith have to be so deeply thought provoking :rolleyes

Well, 1 opportunity I turned down and the 2nd didn’t proceed further, but I am not fretting.

I do hope, something more ideal will come along. I don’t think I’m finished here.

Also open to other’s experiences in this regard.

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