Discerning Priesthood/Brotherhood

I’m currently in the process of discerning a vocation as either a priest or religious brother. I’ve been becoming more active in my parish and with my university’s CCM. I’ll be entering my Sophomore year this coming fall, but have considered the possibility of leaving for seminary. It’s a tough process and I’m really searching for God’s answer. I should also point out, I’m a recent Catholic convert (having been raised Baptist). I want to make sure my decision is in following what God wants, but I would really like any input that you all might have.

In terms of whether or not I’d become a diocesan or religious order priest is still under consideration too. I consider myself an intellectual and academic, however, I’m very emotionally and spiritually attracted to service as well as education and ministry.

Any advice or input would be welcome. Thank you, and God bless.

Do you have a spiritual director? If you don’t, then finding one is probably the best advice I can give. A director can help you sort through all the options and look for where God may be calling you.

I do, my CCM priest and the Vocations Director of my diocese have been working with me. They have been great help so far. Thank you though!

What are you studying?

If you enter the Seminary, you’re going to have to get a bachelors degree anyways (usually a BA in Philosophy, or at least getting enough philosophy to enter the MDiv). Since it’s now April and you’re not really sure, it’s probably best to at least register in your classes for next year. It’s easier to drop classes then to try and register in full ones.

You may not have heard of them, but the Basilian Fathers work in education, but they also work in many different areas. The Catholic college here on campus is run by the Basilians (they also run our CCM).

I’m in the same boat as you. Just converted, about to enter my junior year, and in the very early stages of discernment. My priest, a Franciscan, told me that at this point (for me anyway) it would be best to go ahead and finish my degree (engineering) and continue to keep my ears open to hear what God has to say. I’m going to try to get a Philosophy minor if I can, but he said if I can’t then it isn’t a huge deal and that I’d just be in seminary an extra year or two.

You’ll be in my prayers!

Greetings, Yamgo, how wonderful for you!:clapping:

I hope it is all right to mention a book by a friend of mine in Rome that is just wonderful. It’s titled

Priests On Call, By Fr. Thomas Flynn.

It can be downloaded very inexpensively, by the way. I only mention it because it tells the stories of several new priests: their journeys, expectations, surprising encounters. I found it to be one of the best books I’ve read in years. Some of the stories made me cry,:bighanky: some were humorous! :extrahappy:

It seems as if you are are getting good advice from your spiritual director and from the posters here. I have always wondered if gentlemen entering the priesthood are able to discuss their questions with a wide variety of people: if they have sisters (siblings,) mothers, grand-mothers, (even former girlfriends), as well as older, established priests who can give them their input and/or advise them. :gopray2:

I would hope it is not a lonely journey or isolated in any way. I would hope that all your special gifts would be used, should you decide to begin the journey, in the priesthood. :highprayer:

It certainly appears from what you say in your post that you are well on your way and taking things one step at a time. I hope you will come back to these forums to check in with everyone and let us know how you are!:curtsey:

Many blessings!
Kathryn Ann:heaven:

You will be in my prayers, I’m in the same boat, this fall will be my sophomore year, I thought about going into seminary, have not made any commitments yet.

Of course what you really want to look at is what kind of living you want, do you want to make 3 vows, or 2 promises, if you do enter religous life there are certain orders that you can basically do any type of ministry your superiors allow.

Also do you want to live in a community. Diocesans priests are always busy, and do have friends. But they basically live alone. Sometimes having brothers can help you along with your ministry.

And of course if you enter a non monastic community, you baisically need to be ready to move anywhere in the US or world.

You may already know this, but I did as well, but never looked into deeply. Just something’s to consider.

But it’s always important to keep Gods will in mind.

Peace, Darren

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