Discerning Priesthood But Have Roadblocks

I know I may have asked some of these questions before but I think I was too vague and I didn’t get enough information (my own fault). I have been discerning the priesthood for almost 4 years now and I am thinking about contacting a vocations director soon to talk. However, I have a few concerns and a few questions before I do so.

-I currently have a car that is financed. I still have about $18,000.00 left to go and isn’t it true that seminaries will not accept you if you have outstanding debt?

-I at times have the misfortune of committing sins of impurity. I pray about it, avoid the occasions of sin as much as I can, bring it to our Blessed Mother and I confess as soon as possible if I have the misfortune to commit it. I have touched myself inappropriately, looked at impure images, and have given full consent to impure thoughts before. But I have never physically had sexual relations with a woman before. And according to the norm of the United States, men who are discerning the priesthood should be pure for two years before applying. It has been less than two years since I have committed a sin of this nature.

-I have a prescription for anxiety and I was told that you cannot enter a seminary if you have any mental illness. (I think I have asked this question before)

I didn’t want to waste my time even bother trying to contact a Vocation’s Director knowing that he would turn me away for those three reasons alone. But this is something that has been heavy on my mind for years now and it can’t seem to go away. What should I do? Go talk to the Vocation’s Director anyway knowing that I may be turned down for those three things or should I not go at all? Please pray for me. God bless.

It’s not a waste of time getting clear answers for your questions, and that’s much more likely to come from talking to the Vocations Director than from the various opinions you’ll get on this forum. Praying for you.

I suppose priests should be holy

Anxiety is a mental disorder, not a mental illness. There is a substantial difference in the world of psychology. Talk to a vocations director. There are priests who had to get rid of $80,000+ before they could be ordained.

  1. Debt could be an issue, but remember that you can always sell your car and pay off the debt with your take before entering the seminary. You might want to speak with the vocations director or rector as to whether you’ll need a car or not there. If you do need it, you could always ask family to help you pay the debt while you are there. If the car is needed or desirable, I’m sure the appropriate persons can help you find a way to keep it.

  2. Even despite the firm resolutions of many young men to remain continent, everyone stumbles now and again in this lascivious day, if not by deed, then by thought. You’d likely want to speak to your confessor or director about whether your frequency of giving in to temptation is enough to preclude you. If you’re fighting a good fight and showing steady progress, then I would doubt that it should.

  3. Only the vocation director can answer that question. To deal with anxiety is no more a grave mental illness than dealing with acid reflux is a grave physical illness. However, would your bishop think a man with an anxious nature would be a good pastor? Consider that for a moment.

In short, speak to the appropriate persons. None of us here will have the answers for you. Show some courage, overcome the fear, and just ask the people you know you need to ask.

God bless.

  1. You must be committed to a celibate life and be happy with it.
  2. You must commit to entering the priesthood
  3. You need to seek at all times purity. You may fail but get up and keep going.
  4. Debt. It’s a tough one. I don’t know the answer other than they want it paid up.
  5. Seek a spiritual director either a priest in your parish or at the Diocese.

My prayers are with you. Whether you enter priesthood or not commit yourself to a holy lifestyle and when the time comes you will know If it doesn’t continue the wonderful lifestyle in the World.

You have good questions. But, as others have said, you will NEVER get them answered through “cyber discernment!”

Four years is a long time. In that time, you could have paid off a car, changed jobs, moved…

Talk to someone at the vocations office ASAP. Let him answer your questions and guide you. He can do it far better than any of us who haven’t met you and only have a forum post to go on.

And keep in mind two very important things:

  1. It’s all about God- if he’s calling you, he will guide you, so don’t worry. :o

  2. The vocations director, and in fact the church in general, are concerned with your salvation and happiness first and your possible vocation second. In other words, they care about you and will deal with the call to follow Jesus and find peace that we all have, before throwing you into discernment of another call you may have. See no. 1.

Pray, pray and pray some more. Pray at all times. You should be in love with Jesus. He loves you.

God bless you for being open to the Lord’s will.

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