Discerning the Priesthood


First off, I would like to ask for all of your prayers, so that, God-willing, I might someday be ordained to the priesthood! :)

Moving on, I'm still pretty young, only thirteen, but that doesn't limit me much.Would anyone recommend any books that could help me in discerning my vocation to the diocesan or religious priesthood? Thank you

I've been going to Spiritual Direction/Vocational Direction with my parish priest for a while and it's great...I just felt like I wanted to tell someone. :blush:


Fine show!

Be assured of my prayers for your vocation.

I urge you in one matter though. Discernment is about surrendering our will for God’s will. Discernment entails contemplating where God calls us to be, not were we want to be. What I’m trying to say is to be open to God’s direction, even if it is towards married life. It is crucial to not get ahead of ones self. Please do not feel, though I’m are you don’t, that you are in any way entitled to the priesthood. You are not and no one is. God loves us so much and He will not forsake us. Trust in God and yo will fulfill the mission set out for you.

As for reading material, I would suggest focusing on your schoolwork for now. Summer reading books, etc.

Though you could check out “Many Are Called” by Scott Hahn.

If you ever have any questions or just want to talk, drop me a PM.

God bless you.


Id like your name if that’s OK with you, to pray for you to discern vocation. I’ll let others help you with the rest of what you are asking.


Sorry if it sounded like I meant I was entitled to the priesthood.
I know that it's whatever God wishes.


You may certainly begin discerning at any age, although how a 13 yr old discerns will be very different from how an adult (over 18) would discern.

Begin a prayer life, say 10-15 min of prayer every day.
Attend Mass as often as possible and on Holy Days.
Be obedient to those in authority (parents, teachers)
Fulfill your daily obligations as a son and student (do your chores, do your homework)
Consider taking Spanish or Latin classes if offered in your school
Read short passages from the Bible as often as you can

Even if you discern the priesthood is not for you, following the suggestions will help form you into a wonderful Catholic man!

God bless you.


My God bless you, my brother, we are one the same train - to God as His servants. :)

In Christo, vere,
frater Attempto


To Save a Thousand Souls is a good book for discernment.


[quote="curlycool89, post:7, topic:336624"]
To Save a Thousand Souls is a good book for discernment.


Great book, my friend told me about it. His priest, Father Brett wrote it so he has an autographed copy! :D


[quote="Discerning13, post:4, topic:336624"]
Sorry if it sounded like I meant I was entitled to the priesthood.
I know that it's whatever God wishes.


Forgive me, I was not insinuating that you felt that way, I was only giving you fair warning not to develop an entitlement or certainty of the priesthood.

Be open to God's will and be not afraid.


Purchase Fulfillment of All Desire by Ralph Martin

May Angels from the Seraph Choir be with you brother. May St Francis bless you and Mary wrap you in her loving mantle.


Finding Sanctuary and Finding Happiness - both by Fr Christopher Jamison OSB



Of course I will keep you in my prayers! To be honest, I have been :blush: I’ve kept all those on here with religious vocations in my prayers, as I have one myself.

You are still young, 3 years younger than I am, but you are aware, and that’s wonderful! Unfortunately, I’m of the opposite gender and can’t be a Priest, so I can’t recommend any books to you.

If you ever want to talk just to get something off your chest, or if you just feel like talking, you are more than welcome to PM me anytime. I’d love to hear from you :slight_smile:

Much Love!


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