Ok so I’m a junior in High-school and its been really strong in my mind since second or third grade (except for a period of about 2 months maybe) to become a nun. I came across information about a certain community about a year and a half ago and it’s stuck out in my mind since then. I was wondering about the discernment process and what I’d need to know about the convent that I’ve been thinking about. If you guys could help me that would be great and thank you a head of time.[/FONT]

Bless you for your perseverance!

Contact the community directly, and request to start discernment with them. The Holy Ghost works on attraction. The community will likely tell you to get a spiritual director.

Practice obedience to your parents & teachers with love, and keep your mouth shut when disciplined.



Like Cloisters said, the first step would be to contact the community directly. They should have a vocations director who will be able to answer your questions and send you more information. Granted, you’ve got a while to go yet but discernment is supposed to be a quick process! A spiritual director is also a good idea to help you in your discernment.

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