Discernment and God's Will


My young family are practicing Catholics who faithfully follow the Church’s teachings. Both my husband and I have had a great Catholic education and continue to self-study. Lately, we’ve run into a family situation we can’t find the answer to written black-and-white in a book and wanted to get some spiritual insight.

We are in a process of transition in our lives right now…new job, new baby, new home, etc. In one situation we continue to hit road blocks and need to start from scratch all over again. We’ve hit three such roadblocks in the past three weeks and have began to wonder if there is a spiritual hand in this and what direction we should take now.

I realize that things happen in life and aren’t from God. For instance, our brother had three failed relationships and thought it was a sign he was meant to be a priest–but prayer and spiritual direction eventually lead him to a beautiful wife. We have been trying to increase our prayer life for more direction, but we can’t help but wonder if when challenges are placed in front of us time and time again if it’s God’s will that we try something else.

Any insight?**


I don’t know enough of the situation for accurate insights, however I do know that God will have happen what He wants, as long as we are trying to be faithful to Him. I realize that you may be wondering about taking certain actions to fulfill His Will, tho’. Try to pay attention in prayer to where you “feel” peace (as long as all possibilities are generally within His Will as we have learned from The Church). I will pray for you and your wife fulfilling His Will in the best way you can (that’s the best He can hope for from you, without His intervention) - and for both of you to feel His Peace in whatever you decide.

One thing that may help in your discernment is reading the appropriate part(s) of the CCC.


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