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I have lived in more than one diocese and I suppose you could say I have spiritually grown in my faith in predominately two different dioceses. My question is: how does one choose what diocese to enter pre-theology in? I've heard it said that God does not call men to the seminary, he calls them to the priesthood. However, I know I should use some discression as the gifts God has given my may appeal more to one diocese than the other . I have spoken openly to to vocation directors in both an done a lot of praying yet I'm still not sure which one God wants me to apply to.

I've done more volunteer in one diocese yet feel a little Les connected to the parishes I lived near. I have not lived in he other diocese for several years yet when o was there I was generally more involved with parish life.

I keep thinking of which population (people) god wants me to 'marry' if I did become a priest but I have trouble in this area as I don't know what is motivated by emotion and what is motivated by my heart. Does anyone have ang good advice?


You may have already done this, but I would pray about this to the Holy Mother. St. Jean Vianney would be another person to talk to about it. And if the dioceses in question are large or far apart from another (though I have this feeling that they are neighbors!), I would consider which has more of (or is closer to) my family and friends. There are other things that you could consider like safety, the cost of living (though if you end up living in a rectory, this will be less of a concern), which diocese has more of a need for priests, and the policies of the respective bishops (orthodoxy, how they deal with the clerics who are under them, etc.).


Would it make a difference what diocese I would raise a family in if my vocation were to the married life? In this regard, one diocese stands out as the place I would move to if I were not discerning the priesthood - should this make a difference? Or would this be irrevalent in light of what I am discerning. (I just don’t want to make a selfish decision)


All other factors considered, it probably does not matter that much. If God really wants you at a place at a particular time, he will make a way for it. For one thing, a priest does not always stay in the diocese.


Do you have a spiritual director? As I understand it (I don’t have one now but am looking to get one), their purpose is to give you objective insights so that you don’t make selfish decisions, which seems to be the thing you’re worrying about doing. So, if you had/have a spiritual director, I would think asking them to help you discern would help immensely.


This probably doesn’t matter at all, but your statement about God only calling people to the priesthood, not the seminary, is not correct in my opinion. God very well may call young men to the only the seminary and not the priesthood - the seminary is a time for spiritual growth and growth into the man God has called him to be. God calls men to the seminary for this reason as well, whether they discover God is calling them to be a priest or not.


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