Discernment on future job


Hi. I have been praying for guidance on what job I should do in the future. I have a list of possible ones that I am interested in. One of them was being a teacher. However, I still have doubts and issues of faith to just take the plunge into teaching as I could also work in a bank that could potentially pay alot more.

Then, one day this happened. Just when it is time to start looking for a job. I had a dream of the Eucharist. I have dreamed like this before… and what i usually do is when i dream like this I go to mass. So to mass I went, the surprising thing was that it was a feast day of a saint. St bonafes or something if I am not mistaken. I then look into his background and found out that he was a teacher before becoming a missionary.

Is this a sign or coincidence? How much weight should I put into this? I mean… I still am not completely sold on being a teacher. I still have other jobs I might want to look into.


Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance & direction in your job discernment.


The weight we give to “signs” is not as important as that gut feeling that we are being called or that the calling is a wise one.

Continue to pray, think, and discern your future. Take a careers aptitude test or skills assessment while you are discerning. It can’t hurt.


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