Discernment or interpretation of dreams

I am 52 years old and for the past few years have been doing very little with my life.
Some six months ago I had a very short dream just before waking where I dreamed Jesus spoke to me “now you are ready to serve me”. Then a few months later I had another dream just before waking where a voice spoke to me “this is not the life for you” which I understood that I was doing nothing with my life. I don’t believe I’m cut out to be a priest. What possibly could these dreams mean? How could I serve God? Wouldn’t God open a door for me if he was calling me to some sort of service or were these two dreams just my own imagination? Any thoughts appreciated.

I would suggest spending some time in front of the Exposed Blessed Sacrament. The time you spend with Jesus the better, listen and pray. The Lord will reveal to you what he wants you to do.

Is that for health reasons, or simple idleness and lack of focus?

There are lots of ways to serve Him that don’t require any special certification or even smarts: soup kitchen; visiting shut-ins (at home or rest homes) who have nobody that comes to see them; working with something like Habitat 4 Humanity; knitting or sewing for the deserving poor; reading to the blind; etc.

in addition to adoration, also try talking to a priest you especially trust and respect.

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