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I was wondering if anyone had some insight to share. When I was younger, probably anywhere from 10-13, I honestly don’t remember super well, I would say things to God like, “If I find my phone, I’ll take it as a sign I’m supposed to be a religious sister.” Or “If I get an email about vocations to the religious life, I’ll be a nun.” And a lot of times, I would find my phone or get an email ( I did also sign up for emails like that…but still) my question is really if I am bound to those? Do those little signs mean I have to become a religious sister now? It’s many years later and I don’t really feel called to religious life anymore, at the time, I think I thought that all saints were religious sisters, so I wanted to be one too. But do you think that all this means that I should end my relationship with my current (wonderful and amazing) boyfriend and pursue religious life instead? I guess when I read this, it sounds like a silly question, but I’m a little anxious about it, so I just wanted to ask and get some feedback! Thank you!

You were 10-13 years old, which in today’s society is a child.
And you were engaging in what sounds like childish superstition.

Unless you are feeling an actual call now to be a religious sister, then I think you can safely disregard what you thought when you were 10. Furthermore, if you actually did try to enter an order they would want to know why you were doing it, and if you told this story about when you were 10, without a more serious motivation, the order would reject you anyway.

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Thanks for your input! That’s kind of what I thought , but I just wanted some outside perspective. So, thank you again!

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