Discernment Reasons to become Priest

I am currently in discernment for priesthood in the Society of Jesus. I am asking if these reasons are good reasons for me to become a priest.

  1. Jesuits are known to take a lot of schooling and well ground base in theology and philosophy. (Ive started to not like things I want and want others to achieve what they want however, I want to complete the master of divinity degree and possibly the S.T.L.)

  2. Jesuits are known for having priests who work and study in other subjects. ( I have an interest in history and anthropology and hopefully obtain a PhD in Biblical history)

  3. Jesuits are known to travel ( As fun as traveling can be I’m talking more than seeing tourist sites.) Travel is great because it helps bring more worldly unity to fellow Catholics around the world and missionary work can help end things like poverty and hunger. (Not to mention it can help me communicate with more people by learning the languages of the native people which can fulfill my desire to learn languages.)

  4. Jesuits are known to take vows of poverty, chastity, obedience, ( Surprisingly this reason is the least of my worries) I can’t remember the fourth vow :shrug:

  5. I have started to have become more and more faithful as I learn about the richness of the faith which I never discovered and have become very active at my parish. ( and it’s the Year of Faith and I have never become more faithful than now hmmm):slight_smile:

These aren’t the only reasons, but just a few off the top of my head.:slight_smile:

I am not a priest but it sounds like great discernment as to being ordained a Jesuit as opposed to another order…I am not sure if it covers being a priest verses lay person completely, if that’s what you were asking…

The fourth Jesuit vow is obedience to the Pope (not sure how Francis gets on with this one…:rolleyes:)

Without intending to sound critical of your reasons, attraction to any order should be based on its charism - that is, the nature of its mission and spirituality. What I think you need to ask yourself is “what is it about the Jesuit order which attracts me on a spiritual level?” To put it another way, if you were asked by your future Jesuit superior to work in a parish or high school, for example instead of undertaking missionary work or further eduction would you still be happy?

Also, if you’re not already familiar with Ignatian Spirituality and the Spiritual Exercises in particular, you should check it out.

Thank you I’ll try to research that. I’m still learning and researching. Do you have any sources I could look up?

Where else but Jesuit.org!

Also try sacredspace.ie and pray-as-you-go.org/

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