First of all… I finally decided to login again in this forums. One good thing.

Second good thing: an old thread has been illuminating… the title is “How to forgive child molesters”. In these years, it has helped me to constantly pray, asking God to help me forgive the man who has molested me when I was a child. I still haven’t managed to forgive, but I understand it’s the only way to be freed from evil.

Third good thing: on Sunday 24th of May, I have received the Effusion of the Holy Spirit!!! First step towards consecration.
Next month, I’ll travel to a Monastery to speak with a “Mother”: first contact to begin Vocational Discernment. And for the first time in my life, I’m not filled with terror at the idea of eventually becoming a Nun, but I’m full of hope and eventually of joy.

The biggest question is: with so many “monastic orders” in Italy (where I live) and in the world… how can I arrive to the one I can serve better in?

I hope I was clear…

Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance & direction with your discernment.

So lovely to hear of your progress! God is great in such matters, indeed!

I see you’re near Venice. Always look locally first, and check the diocesan website for convents within their boundaries. Visit convents of different spiritualities – Augustinian and Augustinian-based (Dominicans, Norbertines, Mercedarians, Trinitarians, etc.); Benedictines; Carmelites; Poor Clares Passionists; etc.

Don’t have any lists (must have this, must have that, etc.). I think of the vocation location as being just like home, but with a different building and people.

Aside from tossing any lists, sit at the Lord’s feet, and be content to be with Him. He will let you know what He wants of you. And don’t lose patience in the matter.

Become familiar with the Liturgy of the Hours, and Lectio Divina. Contemplative nuns do just that – contemplate. Learning contemplative prayer will also assist with the discernment process. Don’t wait until the nuns teach you how to do it. I’ve seen many leave the convent because the contemplative prayer revealed they were in the wrong place.

Also pray for the gift of generosity. This is one word which describes religious personnel – generosity. Such helps you go the extra mile.



Thank you very much!!!

Effectively, I’m not sure about contemplation… but I’m not constant with it for the fact I live alone, first of all. So I miss sharing. And the fact I don’t have always the same “entry and exit times” at work (one day maybe it’s 5:30 am to 1 pm, next day maybe 12 to 7:45 pm and so on) doesn’t help…

I’ll look on the Diocese’s website, this is a good idea. In any case, on June 19th I’ll go to this meeting…

I’m saying almost every day the Rosary to the Holy Spirit: it’s a strong prayer!!!

God bless you all…

The short answer to this question is that you don’t choose an monastic order as much as you choose a monastery. A key part of monastic life is the vow of stability - monks will typically remain attached to the same monastery for life (with a few exceptions). theus, it is much a choice of community as it is order.

May suggest the Community of St. John? They are a young and vibrant, orthodox and faithful religious order. They even have some houses in Italy: bit.ly/1Gt32oy

Pax Christi

Thank you!!! It’s always good and useful to have informations.

Yesterday, Holy Mass and Procession for the “Corpus Domini” (in Italy, the most of the time we celebrate this fest on the Sunday instead of Thursday).

God bless you all.

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