Good morning,

I have been discerning a buyout, after 15yrs, from one of the auto companies, and have been very confused as to which direction to go. On one hand, I look at my job as a cross that I am carrying and I shouldn’t deny the cross I’ve been given. On the other hand, I’ve been given the opportunity to change my direction in life. However, I am currently the major provider in my family and am not sure that leaving wouldn’t be a huge mistake. I’ve been attending classes at a community college for the last semester and am attending both spring and summer semesters as well in order to see if I can handle the types of courses I will need to take toward a nursing degree.

I’ve been praying in my heart constantly that I do the right thing. Its been emotionally draining.

Any ideas?


I think you need to consider a few facts.

Companies need good staff if they are going to continue to be successful, and if they are pushing thousands of people out the door with voluntary buyouts, it really raises the question as to whether or not your employer is really going to be successful in the future and will be able to keep you on for a long time even if you turn down the buyout.

You’d be a lot worse off if in a few years, they lay you off without a payout, or go into bankruptcy protection and cut your pay significantly.

Since you do have a plan, a nursing education, you should give it serious thought .


Thanks Kielbasi, I’ll keep focusing on the facts of this situation.


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