Disciples in Mission


Is anyone familiar with the Boston Archdioceses pastoral planning referred to as “Disciples in Mission”? What I have read seems more like it is to merge parishes and save money. But I am told it is supposed to be bring the faithful back to the church, bring people closer to God and the Catholic Church and to advance the mission of saving souls. I am having difficulty understand how it will do any of these things. My church hasn’t been directly affected by this yet but my understanding is every parish in the Boston Archdioceses will by affected by 2015. If anyone can help me understand it better I’d appreciate it

By what you said it sounds like consolidating parishes to save expenses and because of the shortage of priests. This has been going on in our diocese for some years. Priests are growing older and retiring. We are experiencing a shortage of new blood for the priesthood.
It is making the best situation as possible tho not ideal. The ideal would be more vocations.

Just a thought.

“I will never forget you my people. I have carved you on the palm of my hand.” (hymn)

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