Disclaimer again... Firefox


Tap tap tap - it’s still there.


Still there with Firefox and still there under Safari. :unamused:


What disclaimer are you talking about?


Bottom of the screen, a blue CAF legal disclaimer appears and covers the “reply” button. Can’t get rid of it.


Yes, it’s not working in Dark theme. Try switching to the default or CAF theme so you can reply to posts. I don’t know why they haven’t fixed Dark theme for mobile users yet.


Dark theme needs fixed ASAP. My eyes can’t handle the other themes :dizzy_face:


It helps if you don’t hide the preview panel in Firefox. When I accidentally hide it, there is no longer any reply button at all.


I have not hidden the preview panel. The disclaimer remains, both in light and dark modes, in both Safari and Firefox. It is an implacable foe.



Death to the disclaimer!


Has this issue been passed on to the technicians?

Please fix this.


I’m guessing that they poke their heads in from time to time, since this is a feedback thread.


Have you tried clicking on it? For me, Chrome works well with default.


Tried everything. Firefox 48.0.2 allows me to post and/or cancel, but with newer versions the disclaimer covers both of those options. It’s a fairly quick fox for tech, but they have lots of other issues to deal with, as the new software is not nearly as seamless or ell developed as the old.

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