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Hi, Im trying out CAF on mobile and it works well. only thing is the disclaimer notice is big and blocks a oart of bottom page. Is there a
any solution? its blocking what I am writing right now…sorry for any typing errors ! Thank you


Those of us who work on websites, who have done it for a long time, sometimes forget that most traffic today comes from mobile devices. We still design for big, beautiful screens.

Also, Catholic ministries do not have the unlimited funds for web design that corporations have.

I’ve never used a mobile device for this site, but, I’m guessing if enough people raise the issue there may be a revamp of the mobile site :slight_smile:


Thanks for your quick reply! and now I get it.
Maybe someone with knowledge on design will help!
Thank you for all you do. God bless


It was noticeable at first but once I got used to scrolling up I don’t even notice it anymore.


If you tap on the icon, it shrinks down to just the word, disclaimer. At least on my phone.


thanks! will give it a try


On my Android, the disclaimer blocks the bottom buttons entirely in dark theme and CA theme. In Default theme, it leaves enough visible that one can use the function. Consequently I must use default theme on my phone.

There have already been multiple past reports of this issue, so it’s not just you, OP. We seem to be stuck with it for now.


I’m able to use CA theme on my phone.


I just tried CA theme on Android phone and you’re right, disclaimer will minimize now.
It still doesn’t minimize in Dark theme.


Yup :frowning: .


It’s minimized on the i-phone now too.


I can’t flag posts because the disclaimer is blocking the “send flag”, or whatever it says, button.


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