Anyone else out there… be it a Mom, Dad, Wife, or Husband…

Seem to think from time to time that the only thing they share with their Spouse or Family is the same address?

I’ll leave interpretation to the reader… you’ll know if this applies.


From a spouse point of view…sometimes.:o

Take two people…who came from completely different backgrounds…have two completely different ways of viewing life (at times)…and put them together in the same place…every day…forever. You are bound to have some occasional disconnections.

The key to lessening disconnections…is to keep the lines of communication always open.


There are times why my husband gets really busy at work (and, since he works second shift, this can mean 14 hour days, when he doesn’t get home until 5 am, and then needs to sleep, not getting up until 1, only to have to shower, dress, and leave for work by 3:30) and I, in my frustration, accuse us of “being roommates” and not spouses.

So yes, I have sometimes felt that very thing. Thankfully, it always passes with time, a slowdown at work, and some grace-filled clarity.


I am a widow who shares a home with her mother. Yes, there are times when I feel I am all alone in the world and that my family is no more. She and I are the only practicing Catholics in our immediate family and there is only one group of cousins left who are in the Church.

I am more and more aware of how my life can reflect the sufferings of Christ when I think of how alone He must have felt during His agony in the Garden. So, when I am smart enough to remember, I try and unite with Him and just keep going, one day at a time.


Unless this feeling of disconnection has been going on for a very long time, it’s nothing to worry about. Every couple goes through dry times when they don’t seem to be connecting on anything. The same with siblings. So, unless there is a persistent problem here, just see it as a phase in your relationship. Talk to your loved one about it, and see if you can make some more time for one another.


Yep - we have one of those periods going on right now. We’re lucky if we can spend 15 “non-kid” minutes together before bedtime and go through the same routine the next day…weekends aren’t even much better because we are both catching up on things that weren’t done during the week.

My favorite phrase these days is: this too shall pass…


I definitely understand this, except my dad and I don’t even share the same address. Our relationship is rocky at best right now. He’s getting remarried…again.:shrug: Hang in there and don’t give up on people just because things aren’t going well.


Unless this feeling of disconnection has been going on for a very long time,

Naw, nothing like that…In our case it’s just the typical “ramp up” of crazyness due to spring…after a long winter’s encampment with lots of time together.

Little League, LaCrosse, Track & Field with the kids, my industry (construction) going bonkers, and my wife’s workload going up.


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