Discouraged about Confession

I am really feeling discouraged regarding confession. Now, it’s not the sacrament itself, but it’s just I have sins I really want to confess, but it just seems like I can’t!

For example, last week on Friday, I left on my lunchbreak to go to the parish that is nearby because they have Confession as a time that I could make. When I went there, there was a line so long, that I know I’d be there for quite a long time (which I honestly don’t mind waiting) but it’s just I know that I would be be in trouble if I didn’t show back up to work within a certain time frame. Also, along with that, I’ve seen before on another day when after a certain time, the priest came out, and said something about how he could only take so many more people before they had to stop.

Then, I meant to go on Saturday, but I didn’t make it. Then today, Sunday, I was going to go to Confession at yet another nearby Parish, and when I was there, I waited for quite awhile because the line was long, but of course I wanted to stay because I was so thrilled to be able to confess and be reconciled to God again. Then finally there was 1 lady and her son ahead of me, and right when it was her son’s turn to go in, the priest came out and pretty much said he was done, and walked off (from what the lady ahead of me said).

Now I feel discouraged. I mean, I don’t blame anyone but myself, because if I didn’t sin in the first place, then I wouldn’t be in this situation, but I’m trying!!! I really tried, I had nothing but intentions to confess, and somehow, I feel like I can’t! I know that there are no sins to big for God to forgive but it’s like something comes up that keeps me from being able to confess! I’m starting to feel a little despair. Even when I pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, I just feel like I’m wasting God’s time. I know I need to stop thinking this way, because it hurts Jesus all the more to have souls distrust him, but even if I pray the Chaplet, I can’t be forgiven without Confession, right?


Don`t give up and do try again. If possible, try to arrange a confession with the parish priest for example. And keep on praying the rosary.

Remember, God always wants to be closer to us. I felt this way last wednesday after an incident due to Lent, illness and some temptations i could not resist. But i know else (and better now).

I will pray for you and urge you to just keep your mind focused on the desire of wanting to confess. The Lord knows we are striving and wanting to do good. We are not perfect and that is why mass, praying and confession are such blessed gifts.

God knows what your intentions are. It’s almost Easter so 1) a lot of people want to go to confession and 2) priests are really busy. God wants us to go to confession so I’m sure he will help you find a way. Maybe you could make an appointment with your priest? That way you can avoid the long lines :slight_smile:

Jazzy the best way to do it is find the Parish schedule ,leave the house in time to get in line at least 30mins before the time Priest is scheduled to show.Since you work during the week wait, and go on Saturday morn, don’t forget your rosary beads and pray while waiting in line. You can do it, tell that nasty old trouble maker to go sit on his tail:eek:
God bless you with his Peace, Carlan

Most priests I know would be glad to hear your confession if you call or drop by the office.

One of the reasons that confessions often take so long is that some people seek counseling or spiritual direction during their confession. Those who want counseling or need to make a very lengthy confession should make an appointment with the priest. That way, they won’t be rushed and they won’t hold up the line during a penance service. Still, long lines mean more souls cleansed and healed. If patience is something you struggle with, these lines can really help! :smiley:

Yes, there are lines this time of year, don’t be discouraged, trust that God is timing things perfectly & also getting you to the right place. Make an appointment with your parish priest if you need to. That is what I did for my first confession. I also went at a scheduled time [not in Lent, so no lines :)] & then a third at a cathedral outside my parish where they have confession every day from 11-12. All were different & good & I definitely left each one with a message from our Lord. I can’t wait to go again one more time before the Easter Vigil.
The lines will die down after Lent :slight_smile:
Do not give up:thumbsup:

You might also want to check around. Many parishes in our area (and others I assume) have reconciliation nights where we bring in 5-10 additional priests and everyone in the Church gets the opportunity to avail themselves of the sacrament.

I had this same problem before Lent started. I hadn’t been to confession in over a decade and finding a priest to actually be hearing confessions during their scheduled time was next to impossible. I tried to get my own parish priest to hear my confession, but he refused to hear it outside of his scheduled 30 minutes/month. I finally found an FSSP priest to hear my confessions.

Check to see if there’s an FSSP priest in your area. They’re really good about hearin confessions. Unless our priest has to say Mass, he’ll wait until they’re all heard. If he leaves penitients waiting, he’ll stick around after Mass to hear them.

You can call to make an appointment with your priest. Or call up to find out what day your parish will be having extended confessions for Lent. For instance our diocese will be having it today in all the parishes from 12 noon to 9 pm.

Like others said, see if your diocese has penance services scheduled. Our town did it last week, each on a different night at a different parish. All of priests and the bishop would be at each service. The priest at my church isn’t even holding reconciliation this week due to his busy lenten schedule, but he gave every one a heads up and encouraged participation in one of penance services… But I know him, he would hear a confession in a grocery store if someone asked him to.

It may be too late for this year, but check to see if local parishes has a communal reconciliation day.

The hosting parish will draw together 8 or 9 priests and they lay out a day and time for Reconciliation.

At our Parish, we first have a small service with readings concerning Reconciliation and then the 8 or 9 priests break apart to various areas of the Church and people line up to each. Each person spends about 2 minutes with their confessor to receive absolution.
It goes very quickly.

The problem you experienced is one I have seen many time and why I have started e-mailing the priest and scheduling a time. Sometimes we meet in his office, other times we arrange to meet after the daily AM mass. Genereally because people have to work there are only 10-20 people at mass and since there are no hymns or procession they leave quickly. I simply wait in the pew until everyone clears out and then we have our talk. I have noticed at this time that the priest will pop his head out and check to see if everyone has left before coming out to see me. If he comes out when the crowd is still around then ofcourse everyone wants to talk to him.

Scheduling an appt also keeps me from chickening out.

Thank you all, for your advice.

As for Parish Penance Services, my parish actually had it at the beginning of Lent, and I attended that at that time. I remember years ago, they used to have 2 during Lent, but lots of people were not attending, so they only do one now. Even the last time when I went, there were not a lot of people there.

In the parish bulletin, they had dates and times for penance services at the other parishes, but those have all taken place already.

As for scheduling, I called the parish that is nearby work, and asked if I would be able to schedule, but I was told by the lady that she didn’t know whether or not the priest would schedule appointments, but that I could leave my name and phone number for someone to call me. I don’t know, but that kind of discouraged me, so I didn’t leave my info. I remember while back when I called my own parish about scheduling, they said that I’d have to talk to the priest first. It would just make me feel awkward, though, because I’ve been during confession before that the sins I want to confess again are not mortal, but I feel they are. So if I had to talk to the priest about it over the phone, wouldn’t it just seem like I’m confessing over the phone? I don’t know, that just seems awkward.

I don’t really know what to do. I guess there is nothing I can do, other than to just hope that God spares my life so that I can attend another confession. Than God for his Divine Mercy Chaplet, because that gives me hope.

Talking to your priest first would not have meant confession over the phone, just talking about scheduling. It would be the same if I called my parish. My priest loves it when people want to make an appointment for confession, but he handles his own schedule for this. As far as I know, the secretary does not. So if I called and he wasn’t in, I’d leave my name and number for him to call back.

In my RCIA classes, I’ve learned that the normal reception of the Holy Eucharist washes one of all venial sins. And you say that your sins are not mortal. So, that may be your answer if you really are having a hard time finding a priest to confess to. Find a daily mass today to attend.

When you talk to the priest all you are doing is scheduling an appt like you would with the doctor or anyone else. All you need to tell him on the phone is that you need an appt for confession. You can not confess over the phone and the priest will not ask for any other details.

I prefer an appt. You can talk in more detail and not worry about holding up the line. and for me…it keeps me from chickening out.

I agree with what a previous poster said about the FSSP parish. We have two priests and three Sunday masses, and they give confession throughout the Sunday masses. They also do confessions 30 minutes before and after every single weekday Mass.

It’s one of the main reasons why I decided to start frequenting the FSSP mass in my diocese. I usually go to Confession every Wednesday, and sometimes on Sunday if I feel l need the blessings. Weekly confession is encouraged. At my “home” parish, they have confession for 45 minutes before the English Saturday mass, and 45 minutes before the Spanish Anticipatory mass. There are usually weddings on Saturday afternoons, so it’s hard to stand and wait for the priest to get done, and then there’s always a rush of 20+ people trying to get into the confessional. Plus the FSSP chapel has the old-school booth confessionals with tons of soundproofing in the booths - confidential and secure.

And you know that paranoid feeling you get when you go to face-to-face confession? Yeah, GONE in old-school booths with lines of pentients. I always worry “Father is going to know I blah blah’ed.” Not so much when I’m #8 of 20 on a Wednesday. Behind a totally anonymous screen. It’s awesome, and it’s really helped my appreciation of the sacrament to blossom this Lent.

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