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I am a cradle catholic who left the church for awhile to attend a non-denom church. I learned alot from my friends at that church but I was drawn back by the Eucharist and my love of Mary, however, I am having a hard time with the lack of support I feel for my children at the church. At the non-denom church the programs were Amazing and the children learned so much. I have searched and have yet to find any programs that reach out to our children like that. I have another friend who I am trying to bring to the faith and this is her biggest and only real concern. I live in Livonia Michigan, any suggestions.
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Why not take the lead and suggst such a program to the parish Priest or parish council ??
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You might want to let us know what age your children are.

If you feel that there needs to be a particular ministry pray about it. He might put somebody there to serve in the way you need it, maybe he will call you.

If you feel its a need, other parents in the parish probably feel the same way. Ask around.


" A cruce salus."


" A cruce salus."


" A cruce salus."


I left them and am never going back… " A crusce salus," concentrate on that and that only and you’ll be just fine.


I think that parents need to be more of a teacher by actual teaching and by example. Sure, you can drop your kids off and have them have fellowship and that is great. But when it gets down to really living your faith, it takes YOU as a parent to be involved. Things like saying the Rosary, going on pilgrimages, celebrating feast days at home, praying at home, These are primary things. Your home is a church, you can make it as active as you want. Then reach out to your parish and it will be more positive for all.


It only takes a few parents who have an active interest in this type of program to get it started. Our parish and a few others close by have programs for young children during the family mass. I have no idea what goes on, but I see a bunch of kids leave near the beginning of mass, and come back later on,


Certainly you can find churches that do all kinds of things that the Catholic church doesn’t. It comes down to whether you think it is the one true church or not.
With all the problems within the Church, it is still the Church. Deciding whether to stay or go based on the people involved is foolhearty. You either believe it is The Church built on The Rock or you don’t.


I appreciate all of your comments but it is still discouraging. I know that the Catholic Church hold the truth and that is why I am back (trust me I wouldn’t have come back if it wasn’t for me wanting to have an obedient heart to God and knowing the truth of the Eucharist and it’s TRUE teachings from Rome). I have been very active in my church youth group and volunteer every week, I have all ages teens and toddlers. My friend has only young children (6 and under). I can not, at this time, take on any more. I understand the faith and am focusing on those truths when speaking to her. We are both VERY committed to teaching at home and do every day but I also have teenagers and know the importance of getting them involved with other families/kids with like morals and teachings. My oldest does do activities with the “other” christian church because they have the programs. He has gone on mission trips and has really learned, from young men in there 20’s what it means to love the LORD and show it everyday not just once a week. He still goes to mass with me on Sundays (because he also knows the truth of the Eucharist) but the church does not have ANYTHING for him at his age


Oh yeah, I also wanted to say that I would Never leave The Church because I know JESUS in a way that other christian faiths do not have, PRAISE GOD. It is not a matter of leaving the church it is just discouraging.


Amen! I agree. Don’t leve the rearing of your children to someone else.


I know it’s tough. When I used to look back at all I left behind at the Evangelical Church I attended: VBS, Sunday School, youth group, mission trips AWANA… yep, I feel badly for my kids. But then I thought about how all of that was only teaching them things that weren’t true - such as once saved, always saved - accept Jesus & it doesn’t matter what you do - Catholics aren’t really Christians (yes, we were taught that) etc. So what good are all those programs really?

I think the BEST thing we can do for our kids is model the faith - our Catholic Faith for them. Pray the rosary with them - attend adoration - go to mass as often as possible - read about the Saints - read the Bible together & just LIVE the best Christian life possible.

I have to say, at our former churches, my kids NEVER got the message that they had to feed the hungy or help the poor. Our parish now is always doing this or that to help the less fortunate. Get your kids involved in that if yours does that. It doesn’t have to be a craft/song/story time only for kids… there are other ways we can reach our kids.

Did you say you have teenagers? If so, don’t worry too much if they don’t seem so “connected.” My good friend is a youth leader at her Evangelical Church - she inisists the teens come to BE with other teens… NOT hear about Jesus. No suprise there - kids are kids.

You are laying a great foundation that is TRUE for your children. They aren’t missing a thing. :thumbsup:

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I attend a non-denom church and no where do they teach that once your saved you can do whatever you want.** That is a lie**. I have seen that many times on this forum and that is sad to say such a thing. God punish those of us who belong to him when we sin. I do believe in once saved always saved, but that no way means I can go on sinning and not have consequences.


It’s a little harsh to call something a lie. Not every protestant church is the same but many do believe that once saved, always saved. I have never understood that concept, but I know it is there. Frequently when I help write obits for patients at our hospice, somewhere in there it will say “saved at an early age”, saved in 19—.

You have brought up an interesting point that we might ponder. You say that there are consequences for sinning. What do the protestant religions teach about what the consequences are? I would be interested to hear if you think these sinful people go to heaven or, if not, where do they go? And if they don’t go to heaven, how can they be saved?

Please don’t take this as combative. I have just wondered these things and would like to know more about these concepts.


I don’t know what goes on at your church. I was speaking of my OWN experience. Here’s when I realized that I needed to get OUT of there. My children were discussing Brittney Spears and how she was a “Christian.” I said, “Well that may be, but she not a very good one. She get married, gets divorced, gets married again…(now divorced again) prances around almost naked on stage - sings trashy songs… etc.” They said, “Doesn’t matter what she does… so long as she “accepted” Jesus when she was a kid… she’ll automatically go to heaven.”

Nope. Not true - it’s certainly NOT what the Bible teaches.

But OSAS is for another thread…


That poster said she did believe in once saved alway saved.

(but maybe we should start a new thread ?)


:slight_smile: I was a Catholic since day one I never did understand their doctrine, it was always contradictory! When I found the Lord or more likely when when the chose me, I left everything about the Catholic Church’s teachings, including the Catholic Church, they’re all man made rules and they continue to make rules as they go along.


It appears that the grass is looking greener on the other side? Many other people feel that same way about a lot of things.
A survey recently showed that 70 to 80% of Mexicans would leave Mexico to come to the United States. Yes, that’s right. They want to leave the poverty and problems in Mexico and go to a country that has an established economy. Of course that would not be possible. It would be detrimental to both countries. Would it not be better for Mexico’s citizens to fix their country? The same with your problem. The other churches have programs that you would like to have your children in. Nice to have but is that really that important? Enough to have even left the Church at one time. What is the priority here. The flesh or the spirit?

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