I’m very discouraged and am thinking about just giving up on Catholicism. I’m not sure anyone is listening to all the rosaries and prayers. Catholics are losing on all fronts. Catholics in the US support the abortionist president by a large majority. The world thinks the Pope is a former Nazi. The FOCA law is a fait accompli and will force Catholic medical professionals to kill babies. People flock to anti-Catholic movies. Catholic Universities bestow honors on people diametrically opposed to the values they are supposed to teach.

I’m also wondering why I’ve been so called believing in all the things I have for no other reason than my Mom and priests told me to. All the miracles in history happen in little Italian towns to priests and nuns. How about a miracle in-------Sumatra or Bangkok or Denver? I’ve tried reading Aquinas, Chesterton to understand the proof of God through reason or whatever. Might as well be trying to read Chinese.
So how do I know that wehn I die I’m not just worm food like every other dead creature? Who has seen heaven, hell, purgatory know someone who has? Anyone seen any proof, evidence?

Hanging by a thread, mostly motivated by fear. Help?

Dear Coach !
Don’t Quit !

Just because people don’t like the Pope - or because sin is rampant throughout the world to the point of murder being legalized - DOES NOT mean that Catholicism is wrong. It means PEOPLE are wrong! Catholic Universities? Remember - the name on the establishments - is the name … “By their fruits you shall know them.” If sinful actions are precipitated by them, it does not mean Catholicism is wrong or bad or nonexistent. It means individuals within these establishments have turned away from moral values - and perhaps, from God Himself. That does not dissolve Catholicism.
Do you refuse to drive safely anymore - because so many drivers ignore the rules?

Discouragement is the devil’s tool. I’m sure he’s delighted in hearing that you’re thinking of giving up. Please don’t.

Is anyone hearing your prayers and Rosaries? Do you still believe in God? In Our Lady? Aren’t they the ones you pray to? Do you think because sin is rampant in the world - that God isn’t still in Heaven? Heaven is weeping over what’s become of us.

Yes. Our bodies may become food for worms - but not our souls. Isn’t that what you already believe? Do you let human beings who have deserted God - convince you otherwise? Don’t be discouraged. Rather, pray to God for strength to overcome this doubtful time in your life. As the saying goes, God is in His Heaven. (And while all may not be right with the earthly world right now - trust in our Creator, His Son and Our Lady. His Words will not pass away or change. His Promise remains steadfast.)

There’s not much to say after the previous poster’s excellent response. I will reiterate, though; Please, don’t judge God, or His Church by the people who claim to represent Him. If people were perfect, we wouldn’t have needed Christ to save us by His own blood.

God’s plan is perfect. We may not always understand it. Sometimes, to us, it seems insane (“the wisdom of God is, to those who are perishing, foolishness.” ) Remember that, if we are faithful, one day we will see the fruit of His plan.

Our president isn’t Catholic and is an enemy of what we believe in. Don’t judge God by him. Remember, throughout history Christians have been persecuted. It is one way God keeps the faith strong in the world, by continuously allowing persecution to “exercise” us in this way.

People who call themselves Catholic, but live as though they are not shouldn’t worry you. The only reward they will get is here on Earth. Be aware of the world only enough to labor for the Lord. We are only visitors…travelers passing through. Keep your eyes on God and your mind on the road we travel. Turn your heart toward home and you’ll find the trials of the world are less bothersome.

In the love of our Lord and Savior,

My dear friend
He who perseveres to the end will be saved. I think it’s best for us to all realise what stupid, insignificant, unintelligent, useless creatures we are, who can’t even exist if God stops thinking and willing us into existence. That’s not an attack on you though, just an observation in general. Before you make the worst decision of your life try reading the page - inherit eternal life- on my angels www. You’ll see it in my signature www.heavensmessengers.org .
A lot of people give up on God for these reasons. They have no idea how stupid they look to question or doubt a being who is infinite, infinitely perfect and who does all infinitely perfectly. They don’t understand how ridiculous it is to question or doubt God just because He does something different to the way they think it should be done or they don’t understand something He’s done. We are going to be so shocked at the last day to see reality. Then we’ll be astonished beyond imagining at the great love and mercy of God and how He brought immense good out of our mess of evil throughoutr history. Check out my webpage though.

God bless you and I’m praying for you:thumbsup::slight_smile:

Stop listening to the media, is my number-one suggestion.

Their anti-Catholic (anti-ANY Christianity) propaganda machine is in full swing, and designed specifically to induce despair among the faithful.

Listen to and watch EWTN instead, and read your local Catholic paper. Spend time in Eucharistic Adoration. And wasn’t it Mother Theresa who said, “We aren’t called to be successful, just faithful.”

Faith asks us to believe without what some think of as ‘evidence.’

I’ve experienced at least one miracle myself, and though I might be old, it sure wasn’t in the 12th Century. :smiley:

Hey, being persecuted is part of the deal, the truth attracts many more enemies than falsehood. We are expected to expect this and accept it. There have been many, many miracles in the US - e.g. look up the life of Solanus Casey, priest in the Bronx. Also watch Sunday Night Live and The Journey Home on EWTN for an uncompromisingly Catholic view of the areas bothering you and for encouragement in the faith. As to the heaven, hell and purgatory thing, I do actually know of someone who has seen these (and it’s very comforting information too) - google ‘directions for our times’ - I have just been over to Ireland (from the UK) to listen to the locutionary involved. Also read ‘Miracles Do Happen’ by Briege McKenna to give you new hope. Our prayers seem to me to be answered *in the measure that we are trying to live a holy life *- that comes first. When I wasn’t really trying, my prayers seemed to be wasted hot air and I gave up practising our faith, then when I came back I started to understand and see things differently.

The Catholic church through Christ defines what is right and wrong.

Morallity in the world is eroding as people in the news constantly stretch the limits. Just think about who these people in the news are, those that centuries ago were considered court jesters, those with little sense who strive for recognition, who will do what they can to be noticed. The problem that adds to this moral decay is that these court jesters are made to seem to be the “smart ones” and the “ones to follow” because they are in the news all the time.

It becomes confusing at times on how to know what is right and wrong.

Please continue to study the Catholic faith as it will keep you grounded as secularism grows and tries to invade and morally erode each of us. What is so good about the Catholic faith, is that as you learn more about it, it just makes so much sense.

For one thing, thanks for asking for help. I think that shows that your faith may be tried but not departed.

Second, would it be correct to say that you are torn between belief and the fear that it’s not true? I’ll bet that there are few believers of any faith who haven’t doubted at one time or another (I myself spent too much time wandering in that wilderness).

We can’t make up your mind for you, but personally, I agree with others who suggest that you be careful about the sort of things that are entering your mind. If I spend too much time reading the news, I get so angry and depressed that all of life seems like a mistake…but if I turn the %$^#% computer and TV off and go for a walk, or read a good (not necessarily religious) book, it reminds me that the goodness of life vastly outweighs the bad.

(Which in turn leads to the question of what I’m doing to make the world a better place, but that’s another topic altogether.)

One final comment–as to proving the existence of God logically or rationally, this will always be futile, and it’s an implication that somehow logic is superior to God, which it is not.

Dear Coach,

The others on this site are offering you wonderful counsel. Listen carefully to them and you may well hear the voice of God as well.
I am just another fellow traveler who has walked in your shoes. During the past ten years I have gone the gamut of doubt and anger and blasphemy against God. For a period of time off and on over several years I was an atheist because I felt if God did exist He must be immoral for all the reasons you have listed. But He kept bringing me back in various ways. Then one day last summer I was contemplating death as an atheist and I heard a voice as clearly as can be, “The Lord is my Shepherd!” I now wear a crucifix. One hangs in my study because the crucified Lord of Glory is the only answer to Satan’s accusation that God is immoral. God has suffered all the horrors of what we sinners have accused Him of and He continues to suffer, often through His Church and those many of His Beloved Ones who suffer with Him. God is not dead nor is He asleep nor is His heart hardened against the suffering of His creation. When you look up at the Crucified One remember His suffering is beyond any that His creation is experiencing. His love and mercy is greater than anything wrong or evil in this world.
God bless you dear Coach and may you soon hear His voice and feel His loving embrace.

The simple fact that the Catholic Church is (and always has been) under attack by satan is proof enough that the Church is the one true apolostic Church. The devil attacts in many ways. Causing confusion and doubt is only one of them.

The Holy Father needs our prayers - especially now. :signofcross:

Hi Coach…Don’t ask me why, but when I read your post, Fr. Scheier came to mind. Here is a link to his testimony. You can watch his interview with Mother Angelica if you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the link.

Consider also this. In the Biblical Book of Revelation, the Scripture predicted that for 1000 years, Christ and the souls of the saints would reign over the Earth. The Book of Daniel chapter 7 prophesied that after the fall of the Roman Empire, the time of the saints ruling over the Earth would come. It’s clear from the context of the Book of Daniel that “the world” in this prophecy refers to the known world, because it also talks about the Babylonians and the Romans ruling over the world.

Historically, these prophesies have been fulfilled and are being fulfilled. For 1000 years after the fall of the Roman Empire, Christianity filled the known world. Then, Rev. 20 predicts that after the thousand years, the devil would come out and deceive the four corners of the world. That has happened and is happening- since the Reformation, the end of the historical thousand years of Christian dominion, the Devil has been corrupting the four corners of the world, just as the prophecy said would happen. That is what we are living through, and that is why Christian defeat looks total. I really recommend reading Rev. 20. The Bible prophesies that after the Devil deceives the world, he will persecute the Church but God will judge his followers and then the End will come.

The first three chapters of the Book of Revelation also have some wonderful words of encouragement, promising Heavenly rewards and graces to those that stand firm to the end, and encouraging all to overcome.

How about Cairo, for three years, and with an audience of millions? Because it’s happened . . .
indefenseofthecross.com/zeitoun_egypt.htm Look also at the other apparition accounts linked on this website. You may find them awe-striking; take heart! God is great and in order to strengthen our faith has opened Heaven for large portions of the world to see.

Actually, many of the saints have seen visions of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. Many Near Death Experiences also confirm these realities- though it’s true that some people have been deceived into false doctrine by demonic NDE’s as well.

We live in a very troubled time, a time where the devil is deceiving large numbers and is attacking people for their faith. It’s a time of moral and spiritual decay for many, though there are still many sincere believers, dedicated to God, who grace the world with the beauty of His presence. There is a hard core of spiritual believers who are doing God’s will and are prevailing in spite of abuse, standing firm in their convictions.

If you attend Daily Mass for a time, I think this will give you strength and also put you in touch with more of the right people. Many of the most devout believers attend Daily Mass. It’s a very healthy spiritual discipline and blessing.


There’s A medical doctor in Ohio whos catholic that heals people through the name of Jesus Christ. His name is Issam Nahem.

Look him up …if you give up on your faith you will be damning your self to hell forever.

Dont be a couch potato …the Christian is in a symbolic sense like a well trained athlete or solider…you need to be praying praying praying.

I speak Life in you in the Name of Jesus Christ now, arise o sleeper in the Name above all names Jesus Christ…

God bless you

maybe I am interpreting this all wrong, but what I am hearing is:
I believe the Catholic Church teaches the truth
I am distressed that many people do not believe the Catholic Church teaches the truth
I am further distressed that many people even attack the Church and the moral values she upholds. Therefore, I am thinking about giving up my faith, based on the actions of men, abandoning my belief in truths revealed by God.

That sounds very much like putting trust in men, not God, and is furthermore, not a very logical conclusion.

A more reasonable conclusions would be: I believe the Catholic Church teaches the truth. I know that truth has been revealed by God, therefore I trust in God, and will remain Catholic and strive to become even stronger in my faith, irregardless of the evil men do, even those in the Church. I will be the best Catholic I can be, in reparation for those who are not good Catholics.

Thanks Mary Ann for the link to Fr Sheier’s testimony.

What about Lourdes or Pontmain, France or Our Lady of Guadelupe in Mexico or Fatima, Portugal? What of Paris, France or Egypt or…:confused:

Dear Coach -
I totally forgot an important issue you brought up. See portion of your quote above.
“All” is a pretty broad term…Italy is known for a great many shrines, miracles and saints from. And we don’t know why God has chosen this country for so many notable names and holy events. I’ll name St. Francis of Assisi, St. Padre Pio, Bl. Anna Maria Taigi. But I’ll also name St. Anthony of Padua. Did you know he wasn’t Italian? He was born in Lisbon, Portugal.

As for places / miracles: We know Italy has been fortunate enough to have the Vatican there. Add to that the Holy House of Loreto (the house the Holy Family lived in) - said to have been carried by Angels from Nazareth, I believe. There are the Scala Sancta (the Holy Stairs) - brought from Jerusalem - the steps Our Lord climbed to be judged by Pilate (still drops of blood on them).

But there are OTHER places and saints besides Italy. You forgot - on May 13th of all days - FATIMA, Portugal…where Our Lady appeared. And Lourdes, France. And LaSalette, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Dymphna (Belgium). Shall I go on? I believe there were some possibly holy events in other countries - all in more recent years - maybe not yet formally confirmed by Holy Mother the Church. But who cares what country - just care that God has sent these blessings - to us, for a reason.

You’re welcome!

thanks to all who replied and for your advice. I’ll be OK and will follow through.


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