Discovering Religion website...

I brought the youtube channel for this site when I first posted on evolution and the soul, but then I discovered the source site…

Something about the source seems fishy to me.

Here’s the website:
Discovering Religion

What do you think of it?

I think that for a while, you might want to stay with Catholic sources.

Images of pagan gods along with the crucifix.
That doesn’t actively prove anything wrong with the site but It makes me suspicious.
I agree with Julia Mae: stick with known Catholic sites, for the present at least.

I will, but I thought that we could generate a discussion regarding the website.

Anyway, the reason why I have a personal problem with it is that it operates for a similar mission that I saw with Hells Bells documentary, or websites regarding the rapture-- you know, the ‘underground ideology’ principle.

I saw that because one link seems to point to a ‘debate’ between two a Christian and an atheist, but it doesn’t act like two different people are actually discussing. In the video, it’s meant to be doing that, but at the same time, they act out like characters that were written into a skit rather than real-life people actually debating. That’s what indicated it as biased in my mind because it doesn’t seem like it’s actually going to talk with a real life Christian (like what you saw with Dawkins and Lennox)-- and I thought evangelical Christians were afraid of the real world*. :wink:

*Just kidding.

quote from the owner of the site:

I do not plan on only discussing Christianity for the entire series; however, this project was begun with a clear vision and I intend to follow my original outline for the series that I drafted some eight years ago. I was inspired to begin writting down my thoughts about these subjects when I first learned of how the creationist understanding of reality was so opposed to the widely accepted facts of evolutionary science. In addition, I live in the United States, a country whose population overwhelmingly belongs to the Christian faith. As a result, I am subjected to and influenced by the pervasive religious views that surround me on a daily basis. Therefore, I feel it is most appropriate to thoroughly examine the teaching of the Bible, specifically the Old Testament, before moving on to explore the tenets of other religions. By undermining the fables contained in the Old Testament, specifically those of Genesis and Exodus, the other two Abrahamic faiths will come tumbling after.

Once I’ve exhausted my criticisms of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, I plan on exploring many other religions, especially the ancient mythologies originating from Sumeria, Babylon, and Egypt. I would also like to discuss Native American mythologies and the use of hallucinogens, like DMT and mescaline, as a way of achieving access to the spirit realm. I have a lot of interesting material I plan to discuss, but I am compelled to follow the original outline of my series and, for now, I’ve got my sights set on the Abrahamic faiths.

It’s an atheist site. It’s a series of youtube videos which is a condensation and distillation of all misinformed and ignorant misconceptions about religion and science too.

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