Discovery Channel Addicts Anonymous

Hi, I have a confession.

I stayed up late watching four hours worth of the Discovery Channel. :o

AN episode of FutureWeapons, then Mythbusters, then Smash Lab, then another Mythbusters episode.

Anyone else?

Mythbusters and Cash Cab. Excellence in broadcasting.:smiley:

Mythbusters here as well :wink:

I probably would be an addict… if I had cable. I often stay up late at hotels, though, watching the Discovery Channel.

Rarely watch ant of their channels.

Mythbusters here, too. :slight_smile:

I love watching Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs. Mike Rowe is such a hoot!

It makes for great family tv. It’s really the only channel my DH will really sit through.

Sign us up for the 12-step…well, maybe not! :smiley:

Well could be worse, you could be watching Weather Channel for hours on end like my MIL.

And whats wrong with the weather channel. :mad: Just kidding I too get bored after watching the same local on the 8’s for the 800th time.

Mythbusters when its a good 1. I like How It’s Made. Can’t stand the music though. Sorry canadians. :smiley:

Well thats what I mean, its the same ole stuff after the first 10 minutes, but if ya go by MIL’s anytime of day she’s got it going.

:rotfl: Sometimes I’ll leave it on in the background while I’m on CAF.

Mythbusters when its a good 1. I like How It’s Made. Can’t stand the music though. Sorry canadians. :smiley:

Yeah, the How It’s Made music is a little annoying…

Oh my, the lineup seems to have improved since I last watched the Discovery channel. I left it a few years back after coming to the realization that it was just a bunch of animals mating and eating one another (sometimes in that order). Oh, and evolution.

But now that there’s a bit more to Discover than the circle of life, I think I shall return.

All of the above, plus Survivorman [but not Survivor], Dirty Jobs, BookTV, and a whole bunch of others.

One help is to record the shows on the DVR and then playing them without the commercials. Saves some time and … some of the shows are “padded” out with repetition, so I can fast forward to the best parts. I’m not interested in the plot or the narrative. After a while the seemingly endless padding to make up a one hour show out of a 15-minute show (at best) makes it so tedious, that I set the DVR on the super fast forward and (even without the sound track or voice over) I can see the unique film clips … see a whole hour show in one minute.

I also do wonder how/why the guy on Dirty Jobs doesn’t get sick from all the “stuff” he inhales. The guy on Survivorman drinks water from highly questionable sources … it’s a wonder he isn’t dead from typhus or some kind of intestinal parasite.

Sometimes, I record them but don’t get around to watching them, but I feel better because I have the option of watching them even if I don’t take up the option.

I like Man vs Wild.

We also like Mythbusters and How It’s Made. :smiley: Both of those are great shows for kids. :thumbsup:

I too like Man vs Wild. Not a big fan of survivor man. I’m sorry fellow Canadians, don’t have anything against you all. I’m just not a big fan of survivor man. Bear seems to get more into everything where Les is just trying to survive rather than focusing on pointing out important survival tactics like Bear does

I dig Mythbusters. I can watch that all day. I do not like the “Dirty Jobs” show, and Smash Lab is just plain dumb. I hope they cancel that Mythbusters rip off.

I dig the Investigative Discovery channel too.

Hee hee! I don’t have a TV because I know I’d spend way too much time watching discovery channel. I also like renovation shows.

:rolleyes: Gotta get my Master’s degree done before I can get a TV again.

Gryllis takes too many chances with his physical well being … running and leaping around … in a real survival situation it’s way too risky … it’s too easy to get a nasty cut, or break a bone. and if that happens in the wild, you would probably die.

The other thing I like about Les Stroud is that he’s basically alone. Doesn’t have a camera crew … does his own filming; has to live with his mistakes. So he has to be cautious. At least two filming expeditions had to be called off before the seven days expired because of danger … the African desert episode … he just got too dehydrated; and one up in northeastern Canada when his backup crew got trapped by ice and they (and he) had to helicoptered out to safety.

One of the interesting programs … one that should be rebroadcast by EWTN … is “The Naked Archeologist”.

When I lived in Quebec, I watched a lot of the weather channel because it was the only French channel where they spoke slow enough for me to practice my comprehension. Actually helped me a lot.

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