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While watching a 4-hour Discovery Channel documentary titled ‘Nature of Sex’, the narrator gives an interesting take on the ministry of Saint Paul. What do you think about this? The second sentence is the one that really makes me think.

"By putting control of sex at the heart of his religious message, Paul wrapped his own particular views on sexual behavior in the moral authority of the Creator of the universe. And he made it stick. Where is the Temple of Aphrodite now? There’s hardly a stone of it left. [With sarcasm] Thank you Saint Paul."

So, the narrator was there when St. Paul told him this? :rolleyes:

Of course not. The narrator–for whatever his own ‘reason’–is putting his personal spin and view forth regarding St. Paul AND regarding Christianity AND regarding sex–as ‘gospel-true’ understanding. When all that it is, is personal ‘speculation’ from somebody who, to put it bluntly, knows absolutely squat about St. Paul, or about the Creator, or indeed about sex, and probably not much about Aphrodite /Diana of the Ephesians.

A sad commentary on the people who ‘wrote’ this trash, and on those who ‘produced’ it, and especially on those who may watch it and actually **believe such drivel. **

**Just more mindless drivel from the “free love” crowd blaming Christianity for being sexually oppressive!
These are the same people that brought us a 50% divorce rate, an ever increasing number of single parent families, increased STD rates (CDC Report Finds Adolescent Girls Continue To Bear A Major Burden of Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases & 50 MILLLION BABIES MURDERED BY ABORTION!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


The Discovery Channel as most of the media and entertainment industry is blinded by their own liberal views.

Monty Python actually does a more honest job of critcizing catholicism than the Discovery Channel.

Funnier too.


NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition!! :smiley:

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