Discovery suggests Jews lived in Galilee 1,500 years ago


An archeological discovery near the Sea of Galilee may prove the presence of a Jewish settlement at the site 1,500 years ago.

The existence of an ancient settlement in the northeast Sea of Galilee became known to researchers by the early 1960s, when fragments of a large pier from the Byzantine period were found underwater. Researchers from Haifa University returned to the site last week following a drop in the water level and found a 1,500-year-old marble tablet bearing Hebrew letters – potential evidence for an ancient Jewish presence.

“This discovery bolsters the belief, which was until now considered folklore, that this is the settlement of Kursi, which Jesus visited and where he performed ‘the Miracle of the Swine,’” said Professor Michal Artzy, who directed excavations at the site.,7340,L-4740314,00.html


why wouldn’t the Jews have lived there 1500 years ago - around 500 A.D.? My history Is a little rusty.


After the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and the Jewish revolt of the Second Century AD, the Romans forced most Jews out of Israel. This is called the Diaspora. This removal was not absolute and there were always some Jews in Palestine.


that is what I thought.


When St Jerome lived in Jerusalem in the 5th century he was in dialog with and influenced by local Rabbis .
This is a complete non story


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