Discrening Hearts, Radio Maria, etc

There is a lot of great Catholic radio out there led, of course, by our own CAL :thumbsup: and was wondering how many might be aware of these great shows.

Discerning Hearts main page…


Look for the Podcasts/Broadcast link on the top right for a list of shows. They are all great shows…Father Timothy Gallagher, Mike Aquilina’s show Fathers of the Church, Catholic Social Teaching with Omar Gutierrez, Seeking Truth with Sharon Doran and many others.

Radio Maria main page…


Full list of programs…


A lot of great stuff on here but my favorite is the Catechism of the Catholic Church show. Five priests host each section of the CCC. I am up to show 52. It is from May 14th, 2012 and it is about conscience and hosted by Father Tonelotto. Check it out here…


Some more favorites from Radio Maria are the Bible Lady, Living Eucharist (a recent guest was Dr. Mary Healy), Living Faith, Making Disciples, Mary Mother of God, Spirit and Truth and much more.

I have been listening for quite some time and was just wondering if any on the this forum were aware of them. God Bless!

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