Discussing homosexuality


Here, here!

Well stated…


“Hey girl, so…my ex-tenant is gay, and…what’s that? You must have me right here? Well…I guess.”


“Heh…works every time…”:sunglasses:


I was convinced @cmscms was a guy. Hey, you don’t bring up gender issues with a lady “just because” when you “happen” to be alone with her in your house. Sure, I do that. But I’m ostensibly catholic and any lady entering my house knows from the outset I’m impossible to get. Plus, I’d have zero interest in “venting” anything related to gayness (as if that interests anyone)…Plus saying “those things” have “nothing wrong” about them.

This sentence cracks the case for me, Like:


I’m always a little baffled by what exactly this means.
What exactly is “the homosexual lifestyle”? Most of the gay people I know live pretty much like me and my heterosexual friends, the only difference being they date and marry someone of same sex.

Might be better to just say, “I can’t support fornication and I also can’t/ do not support gay marriage.”


That works too, though I’d probably say “sex outside of marriage” instead of “fornication”. By “homosexual lifestyle” I simply meant homosexual relations / dating / marriage, but I guess that can be confusing if people don’t know what I mean.


I guess the only question is, what did he serve you to drink?


Hey, Tis_Bear we must have met very different gays…


I’m gay and even I don’t know what the “homosexual lifestyle” is. I haven’t memorized any “show tunes,” don’t have any talent as a hairdresser, don’t swish when I walk or have a limp wrist. My friends say that I’ll have to give up my “gay card”. :wink:


Are you being sarcastic or are you being serious (answer and then I will tell you what also happened)


I always though ‘the homosexual lifestyle’ was a politelway to say 2 people of the same gender having sex


I think that you just haven’t met very many gay people. The post you made on another thread sounded kind of stereotypical, depicting most gay men as sexual predators.


So, should we use the expression “heterosexual lifestyle” to refer to two straight people having sex?


I never said it made sense. I was just stating what I though it meant


Whenever I hear the Portuguese language, it throws me through a huge mind loop, because the three years of Spanish I took tells me this sounds like Spanish, but it isn’t, of course, so I don’t understand it, yet feel I ought to! :crazy_face:


adgloriam, that doesn’t answer my question. Were you joking or do you think he was making a pass?


A beautiful language. A small country. The 6th most spoken language in the world.


well, maybe things in Canada are different because I didn’t think it was odd he brought it up.

So, this is what happened (and I think this happened before the homosexual conversation), I was simply saying how as a woman it is hard for me to do handy men jobs. And he said ‘that is what I do for a living’ and he got out of his chair, onto one knee took my hand and said ‘will you marry me’. My face dropped and I said ‘are you joking’ and he sat back in his chair and patted my knee and said ‘it’s ok, I was’


Certainly are. I like the Canadians, peaceful and laid back. Very well mannered, and a nice clear accent.

I hear in Italy that’s a common pick up phrase (and they give you their business card to go with the proposal). “Out of the blue”, in the middle of the street, the first thing they say, never having met them before…

But one thing is for certain (and I don’t consider that normal) certain countries seem to be full of gay bars, gay parades, gay this and gay that…I hear Saint Petersburg was an international gay center before communism. Fr.John Hardon S.J. used to say the US had become a “sex crazed” country - in somewhat pioneering fashion. Ubiquitous as human nature may be, there were times and places that had normal and moral societies to a considerable extant. Some place the “sex revolution” in 60’s others in the “belle epoque” with Henry Miller, others in the 18th century with Casanova. But, personally, having witnessed society change before my eyes, and the changes of discourse in conversations, I remit the entirety to an uninteresting fashion, while I try to focus on the timeless.

now that is being forward :slight_smile:


Isn’t this a judgement in itself?


disgusting homosexuality?
oops I misread the thread title

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